Save Money and Energy in Austin with Home Weatherization

Home weatherization refers to a series of home maintenance projects that, when handled by a professional, can significantly reduce your energy use and waste. The process includes identifying areas where you’re using too much energy, losing too much energy, or using energy inefficiently. McCullough specializes in weatherization services to help you lower your energy bills and environmental impact. For Austin Energy customers, these savings may include some additional incentives through the Austin Energy Weatherization Assistance Program.

How Much Can You Save With Weatherization?

Weatherization Services From McCullough Offer You:

Austin Energy Home Energy Audit

McCullough has saved Austin Energy customers more than $2m in rebates and savings.


The Whole-Home Approach to Weatherization

Your HVAC system uses up to half of your home’s energy consumption. While your system’s SEER rating does impact how much energy the system consumes, other elements in the home can play their part. According to The US Department of Energy, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 30% by taking a whole-home approach to weatherization. This approach will include ways to keep hot air out in the summer and warm air inside in the winter through measures like insulation, solar shading, duct sealing, and more. 

For Austin Energy customers, our weatherization services can help you pursue additional savings and incentives through them

If you’re not an Austin Energy customer, you can still benefit from the natural reduction in energy bills that comes from weatherization

Start Here: The Free Austin Energy Audit

We are an Austin Energy registered contractor which enables us to offer a Free Energy Audit for any customer whose home is over 10 years old. Our technicians will visit your home, investigate your energy usage, and evaluate your home for opportunities to increase efficiency. This audit includes recommendations for reducing the energy usage in your home. From there, your comfort adviser will help you make a plan for these improvements including financing and other ways to save. Homeowners who successfully complete the recommended improvements could be eligible for a rebate incentive from Austin Energy.

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Weatherization Services

Your air conditioner has to contend with the blazing Texas sun adding heat through your windows. One of the most affordable and effective options for reducing the sun’s impact on your home comfort is solar shading. Our customizable solar shades are built to combat the heat, keep energy costs low, and protect your system from strain.

Attic insulation is an important step in heating and cooling your home. These energy-saving extras help your HVAC system do the work it’s already doing, better. When less heat escapes from your home, you’ll keep more of what you’re paying for. In fact, properly insulating your attic could shave 10-50% off your energy bill.

You could be losing up to 30% of your conditioned air to duct leaks. Can you believe it? These leaks can cause deterioration to your system, loss of energy (and increased energy costs), and can impact your home’s comfort. Our duct sealing services can help you protect your investment while saving energy and money.

Our pricing is set, certain, and backed by an efficient process.

We don’t need to manipulate the numbers because we stand by them.

Choose McCullough for Whole-Home Weatherization

McCullough has helped Austin homeowners earn back over $2 Million in Austin energy rebates. If you’re a customer of Austin Energy, become a customer of McCullough, too. You’ll earn rebates just by putting weatherization precautions in place. Those precautions will help you save on your energy bills, consume less energy over all, and keep Austin green!

If you’re interested in learning more about rebates and incentives from Austin Energy, call us. Even if you’re not an Austin Energy customer, many of our weatherization services will help you curb energy use and save yourself some cash this year.

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