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Austin Air Duct Repair, Replacement & Sealing

Rooms Too Hot or Too Cold?

Leaky air ducts could be the problem.

Austin Energy estimates that the average home loses 27% of heated or cooled air due to leaky ducts. This inefficiency – even assuming you have the most efficient AC and heating equipment – can create room to room temperature differences and hot or cold spots, while also impacting your monthly energy bill. Even worse, it can affect the life and reliability of your heating and air conditioning system. This may call for air ducts repair, replacement or sealing.

A McCullough comfort adviser can inspect your ducts and airflow for energy loss. If a problem is identified, we offer a complete set of ductwork services to make your home more comfortable and efficient, including:

  • Duct leakage testing
  • Duct sealing
  • Duct replacement/addition
  • New duct system design

Austin Energy and Texas Gas Service customers can offset some of the cost of duct improvements with available cash rebates.

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