Austin Energy Costs and Your HVAC System

With Austin’s energy prices projected to rise dramatically, you need solutions that work.

Making a house a home is a full-time job in and of itself. Property values in Austin have reached all-time highs, and so has the cost of living. And now with Austin’s energy prices projected to rise dramatically, you need solutions that work. 

McCullough is here to help.

With a spike in energy costs on the horizon, now is the time to let our staff conduct a free energy audit on your home. Our professional technicians are the best in the business, and better yet, we’re your friends and neighbors. We can help you identify potential trouble spots in your home and offer solutions that could lower your energy bill this summer.

There’s no one else you can trust like McCullough when it comes to getting the absolute most out of your residential HVAC system. Whatever the season and whatever the reason, be ready for anything the Austin weather throws at you with HVAC service from McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning.


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The Cost of Energy

There are a lot of factors currently influencing the cost of energy in general and electricity specifically. In the past few years, technological disruptions, global political shifts, and economic pressures have forced both regulators and energy suppliers to make sweeping adjustments in response to huge changes in demand. 


What’s Driving the Rate Hikes?

Before around 2014, we heard a lot of customer feedback about how much more people paid for power every summer. The reason most people noticed the huge increase in their electric bill in the warmer months was because central AC accounts for about 45% of the total amount of electricity the average home uses. 

That means a lot of power bills could increase by a factor of 1.5x, depending on individual variables, just because of the weather. 

At least that’s how it was.

Something began to shift in 2014. Various factors in the marketplace began to influence energy costs, creating artificially low prices. Most of this was because the largest oil producers were waging a price war for market share. That bubble has burst, however.

Other Factors Impacting the Cost of Energy

Many homes in the U.S. still lack an energy efficient HVAC system. Systems that use more energy than necessary place an undue burden on our already overtaxed and outdated energy grid. 

This creaky infrastructure contributes to crises like the annual wildfires in the American West, and the cost to modernize it inevitably gets passed along to the consumer. It doesn’t have to be this way: adding an energy efficient air conditioner and energy efficient heater to your home could help reduce strain on the grid and lower your bills, too.

The rise of the electric car has also put a major strain on the power grid. More than 2 million electric cars are now parked in America’s driveways, and while that may seem awesomely green, all those kilowatts have to come from somewhere. Our national infrastructure is still playing catch up.

Add ongoing global political instability as a huge contributing factor to the cost of energy too, and it’s tempting to throw up your hands and wonder what you can do.

Free Energy Audit

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Energy costs aren’t only affected by the weather. Your home could be losing energy because of poor insulation, improperly installed equipment, or the lack of a high-efficiency HVAC. A free energy audit from our trained experts may be able to identify ways to lower your bill.

If your home is over ten years old, you may qualify for our free energy audit. We’ll come to your home and provide an HVAC system tune-up, and also inspect insulation and other potential trouble points. Fixes can be as simple as installing new weather stripping. If you need an HVAC replacement, we can work with HVAC rebates to lower the cost of your work. There is also special financing available for efficiency upgrades — our experts will let you know all of your options.

Maybe it’s time to settle any doubt you might have about whether your HVAC system is at its best. You won’t just help your friends and neighbors; you’ll improve your own bottom line too.

Tuned for Efficiency

AC Tuneup Austin

Your home’s climate control system is a complex, high-tech machine with many delicate components, and it needs regular maintenance to be able to perform at peak efficiency. Wear and tear on any HVAC system begins from day one, so it’s important to entrust its care to the best team of top-quality experts in Austin. 

McCullough specializes in residential HVAC, and we won’t overcomplicate your life with marketing and promo hoops to jump through — what you see is what you get; we’ll never make you wait for savings. We’ll also give you fast, accurate HVAC quotes so there are never any surprises.

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McCullough Is Your Energy Partner

We have several custom solutions on offer for your residential HVAC needs. Our technicians are focused, conscientious, and thorough, and we can repair or replace your HVAC system from top to bottom. Experience the McCullough difference and enjoy the consistency and reliability of an energy efficient HVAC system that hums along in top form with our HVAC system tune-up service, and consider the additional savings you’ll enjoy with an investment in our whole-house weatherization service. If you want to keep your family and beloved pets comfortable and safe at home no matter what extremes the Texas weather throws at you, it’s best to keep your home’s HVAC system up to date. Ensure it’s running at its best with new filters, the proper amount of refrigerant, and regular checkups to ensure cleanliness and proper operation. Reduce both energy consumption and the risk of your exposure to energy rate hikes with McCullough’s expertise in the residential HVAC business. Schedule your service now.
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