Emergency A C Repair, Tune Ups & New Installs

Our Customers Say it Best

McCulough installed my AC unit almost three years ago. I've been very pleased with it, particularly the lower energy costs. This week, I discovered my AC unit was leaking with water pooling beneath the unit and threatening to destroy the nearby carpet. I called McCullough and they got someone out the next day. Turns out my outside hose had filled up with gunk and it was backing up. My bad for not pouring a cup of bleach (Dan, my service guy, recommends vinegar for environmental and unit survival reasons), down the pump drain. Doing so kills the mold and gunk that builds up in there. Anyway, leak was fixed. The fee was $75 for the service call. Not cheap but it could've been worse. The next day (today, which is Saturday), I found my unit was blowing but not cooling. So I called McCullough again not thinking they'd be able to send anyone out since I discovered the problem after 5 p.m.. Turns out Dad was available and drove from Elgin to my house in NW Austin. He found a loose wire. It may or may have not gotten loose when he was servicing the unit yesterday. That fixed the problem. He didn't charge me a dime. I'm very pleased with McCullough and will use them again.

Lance L. – Austin, Texas

I had to replace two HVAC systems in a 15+ year old home I had recently moved into and McCullough came recommended by my new neighbors. David walked and talked me through a very comprehensive and thorough breakdown of the systems as they were and how they could be improved. He made sure to tell me exactly how the old units could be removed and new ones installed and exactly every single item of work that needed to be done to make sure I had a smooth, quiet running energy efficient system and nothing that I DIDNT need. David is truly "on top of it" with lots of experience as I came to learn from our excellent interaction in person and via email with rapid responses to any and all questions I had. I called a couple other companies for consultations and when I met with them, said nothing about all the information I had gleaned from David, just to see what info they could tell me and what they would try to sell me, etc. I got exactly what I expected and knew to go with McCullough.

Scheduling was mostly quick and easy as it was in March and not in the peak busy time, which also afforded me the cities extra winter rebates, with only a few minor "hiccups" in communication. In fact, the only reason I wouldn't give McCullough 5 stars here would be just those few minor bits of confusion and lags in communication. Nothing a simple quick email or even automated email couldn't fix just to be kept in the loop. As my schedule changes a bunch, this is the only reason there was this minor issue. Again, very minor but truly the only issue I had in an otherwise flawless professional job all around by the entire staff.

The crew arrived on time, ready to go, and knocked the job out ahead of their estimated time leaving the house perfectly clean and even walked me through the NEST thermostat basics before they left.

One note; the Attic doors/access (upstairs and downstairs attics) had to be either slightly altered or expanded to remove the old systems and install new ones.

David took time to measure and show me exactly how it could be done during the initial meeting. The other two recommended companies did not. The leader of their all in–house/company work crew made sure that I was happy with the way they would expand and then trim up the access hatches before doing any work at all.

Details like that are important to people, maybe not to an A/C mechanic but to a home owner that's paying the bill, this attention to care and detail shows pride in workmanship and respect for the homeowners property, to something as something as simple as an attic door.

Everything else went off without a hitch as expected. And the 2nd day the other crew came to do the weatherization work and test it.

The system is so quiet compared to how it used to be with smaller more efficient units, it was nothing short of "wow" to me as I could barely even hear it running.

Very very pleased with the promise of an efficient energy saving DESIGNED HVAC system. As David explained, it's not just about throwing a new unit in and turning it on, it's about the entire system and making sure it is tuned to work best for the home space. I'm convinced. I highly recommend McCullough. To the staff and crew, thank you for your care and attention to detail, keep up the great work.

Lando B. – Austin, Texas

I searched the City of Austin site for qualified Heating and Air Conditioning companies who can do the work and allow me to qualify for rebates. Someone I know recommended McCullough so I called them. They got back immediately with me and set up an appointment to come to my house and do an inspection and provide an estimate. The technician was very informed, helpful and professional. I am now using them to do my work.

Mike S – Austin, Texas

Called McCullough to send someone to just test our unit and make sure that everything is running well. We've lost our AC before, in the summer and wanted to make sure it was doing well since we replaced it about 5 years ago. They sent out Dan and he looked at it and realized that the people who installed it did not tape the air ducts that filtered the air into our house correctly and part of the air was cooling the house and part was cooling the garage!! Interestingly the guys who installed it don't seem to be in business anymore. Dan fixed it right up in no time, was as friendly and efficient as he could be. So far it has been a very painless experience. Yay Dan!

L.M.– Austin, Texas

John came to do the annual check–up of our AC unit. Had some good suggestions for better maintaining of our AC, and did the best clean–up of the outdoor compressor it has ever had and thoroughly checked out the unit. Friendly and courteous.

Marvin B. – Austin, Texas

I've used McCullough Heating and Air for several years now, and they've sold me two AC's so far. The customer service is truly awesome. They had to fix an AC they installed due to a bad smell when I ran the air. They were prompt and professional all the way though and did the right thing replacing the coils that were under warranty with no questions, no paperwork required, and 0 dollars. The people that work for them are very nice and professional always putting the customer first. It's always a pleasure dealing with them.

Forrest G– Austin, Texas

Over many years I have had many A/C & Heating units installed. However, this morning in the rain at 36 degrees, McCullough installed not one, but TWO new units for me. I can confidently say that both the inside guys (Jimmy and Jensen) and the unfortunate outside installers (Russell and Derrick) did a FANTASTIC job!!! The working conditions were terrible and I offered to let them come back tomorrow but they insisted on pressing on. And I was VERY pleased with their overall work, both inside and outside. I can HIGHLY recommend this company!!

Craig D.– Austin, Texas

Tony M. of McCullough Heating & Air really helped our family replace two AC units. He's very kind and willing to help. We picked up this vendor out of 6 candidates because of his way to handle business professionally. He's the real asset to his employer. Keep up good work, Tony. Thanks again.

Daniel W.– Austin, Texas

Jenson & Zack are both amazing! Very professional and so knowledgeable. We are very happy with the service and appreciate all they did from start to finish. Thanks guys for doing quality work and explaining everything in detail! Promote them! Regards, Shawn

Shawn B.– Austin, Texas

I signed up for the twice a year McCullough service plan to checking my system in the fall and spring. When David came out he discovered a few things that could be remedied. He worked carefully and was thorough. When he discovered an issue with my older thermostat, he spent time locating the proper installation manual and then came back to take care of that problem –– potentially saving me lots of money on my heating bill!

Carol M.– Austin, Texas

Managed to break something changing a thermostat at 7pm on a Friday night that left both my AC and Furnace running full blast, even when I disconnected the thermostat. Panicked, I called McCullough. Robert was able to get to my home within a couple of hours, and very quickly identified the bone–headed move I made, putting a screw into my thermostat wires and shorting everything. Was a quick fix. Robert was professional, quick, and I would definitely call these guys again.

Craig L.– Austin, Texas

I signed up for the twice a year McCullough service plan to checking my system in the fall and spring. When David came out he discovered a few things that could be remedied. He worked carefully and was thorough. When he discovered an issue with my older thermostat, he spent time locating the proper installation manual and then came back to take care of that problem –– potentially saving me lots of money on my heating bill! I appreciated David's diligence. Also, the office staff was VERY helpful, friendly and concerned when I called to set up service. They seems to enjoy working there. Lastly, the technician called to say when he was coming and he was prompt. Glad to have McCullough looking over my heating and cooling needs.

C Maxwell – Google Reviews–Austin, TX

What a great experience with McCullough Heating and Air. from Tony to Russell and all the folks in between. even Zack let my dog out of our house. everyone was so nice and professional i would recommend McCullough to anyone who needs an A/C unit right now. it will get hot soon. thanks to all.

Carlos Hernandez– Austin, TX

After my annual spring inspection of my HVAC system, the technician, Adan Gomez let me know that the drain pan for the unit was very rusty and should be replaced. We discussed that last Spring he had told me that there was rust spots in the pan, and that this year it was worst. I told him to go ahead and let the office know that I was OK with the repair this year and to call me so we could schedule it. I got a call the next day, we concurred on a date for the repair. Mr Gomez showed up on time, went to work and replaced the pan. After he had finished, he showed me where the rust spots had made a small hole in the pan in one place and where others would occur before the season was over. The cost was exactly what he had quoted me when he said I needed the pan replaced and the work was done quickly and efficiently.

Joyce de Laveaga– Austin, TX

First off let me say that McCullough Heating & Air is a fantastic company to do business with! I received a few quotes from different companies here in Austin, TX to install a new Heating and Air Conditioning system. McCullough's quote was right in line with all the other quotes I had received. But here is where they stood apart from all the rest: The salesman David took his time in putting together the quote for us. He measured the existing closet where the new unit was to be installed to ensure that the new unit would fit. He also inspected our existing duct work in the attic and inspected the condenser outside of our home. Other companies that came out to our house did not do that at all!! When the day came to install our new unit the technician was on time and very courteous. He even laid down a sheet on the floor so when he disassembled the old unit there was a place to put the old dirty parts instead of putting them directly on our carpet. Overall everything McCullough stated they would do they did. The whole process went smooth!!!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone that needs a new AC unit! You won't be let down!!

Dianne Turner – Austin, TX

It has now been three weeks since Jensen, Sade, and Armondo installed our new Carrier AC system and we are VERY HAPPY with the results of their efforts. We had both the outside unit, the furnace unit and all the plenum duct above the furnace replaced. Some old damaged duct work was also replaced and a new larger duct line was run to the room used as our home office. These three individuals arrived on time first thing in the morning and EFFICIENTLY went about the task at hand. I observed them all day and never saw them take a break for more than a few minutes for a drink or light snack. Each was PROFESSIONAL and SKILLED in their task, very COURTEOUS and patiently answered all my questions. The end results of all their efforts could not be any more EFFICIENT, NEAT and TIDY. They THOROUGHLY CLEANED and picked up at the end of the day, loaded up and hauled off the old equipment and the removed ductwork and other remnants. After his full day of work Jensen PATIENTLY went through the operating procedures for the new thermostat and made sure we had no more questions before leaving. I am very IMPRESSED and SATISFIED with these three professionals and their work. I am EQUALLY IMPRESSED and SATISFIED with David who came out and inspected our old system and gave us three estimates to consider depending on what level of system we chose. He explained all the variables to the choices and it was his suggestion to run the larger duct to our office room which has made it arguably the coolest room in our house.

Chuck M. – Austin, TX

Zach was here at 9:00 am and left at 7:15 pm. He installed a new Carrier air/heating system to replace our old one that has quit earlier in the week. He worked through the day and did not even stop for a lunch break. Zach explained the new thermostat and the rest of the changes. The house was cool and comfortable before he left. He cleaned up every bit and debris and even loaded a little window unit that our daughter had loaned us. We have used McCullough for years and are glad we called them to put in our new unit.

Sharon C. – Austin, TX

After consulting with several HVAC outfits over the last two years, I finally pulled the trigger on replacing two completed HVAC units with McCullough. From initial consult, to inspection, to installation, this company and its employees are courteous, conscientious and professional. Moreover, the Carrier products are excellent and exceeded my expectations. Great work, top to bottom. Strong recommendation.

Arturo A. – Austin, TX

All the folks I dealt with, Ethan, Zack and Armando, were courteous and professional. Great job all around. Needed a new AC which they installed promptly and did some small energy saving improvements. Also Tony took care of rebate stuff and coordinated with the inspector from Austin Energy so I didn't have to. Very easy to do business with and highly recommended! Prices for all these AC companies run about the same, but good people make a difference.

Norman W. – Austin, TX

Ethan, Zack, Vinnie, and Armando... these guys showed up at our house and worked their butts off for two days... great job, very professional, personable, clean, and efficient. Tony and Jensen were also helpful and knowledgeable. We're very happy with the job they did, and with our new A/C system. Glad we went with McCullough!

John P. – Austin, TX

Nothing worse than getting home from work and your AC is out...I called McCullough and they originally said they could have someone out the next day....I asked it it was possible for someone to come out right then and they called Adam who was already at home for the day....I could not believe it when they said he would head back out. Adam showed up about 20 min later diagnosed and fixed it.....Thank you so much Adam for coming to our rescue and not staying on your couch.....I will def. be calling in the future with anything else AC related. Oh and it was only $160.....worth every last $$

Katie – Austin, TX

Bull is amazing!!! He is very kind, funny and definitely knows what he is doing. He is very knowledgeable. My review is actually about Ever and Jaff, who come out to my home and did AMAZING work. They were both very nice and a pleasure to be around. They had a lot of hard work to do and did an AWESOME job. The were very detailed and cared about every little thing they were doing. I truly appreciate their hard work to make my house more energy efficient. The whole team at McCullough are so wonderful!!!

Amy M. – Austin, TX

I was quite pleased with the responsiveness. In addition, when the tech, Kyle, arrived, he immediately observed the symptom, which was lucky, as once he restarted the system, everything was normal. Consequently, he spent rest of the time checking all parameters and waiting to see if the failure would repeat. He finally diagnosed the problem to the circuit breaker, which got quite hot, and I called the electrician to replace. That did fix the problem, and I'm back enjoying an air–conditioned evening.

David B. – Austin, TX

Showed up early, Adam was friendly, professional and explained in detail what was broken. He even found there was a warranty I didn't know I had and saved me some cash. The people at the office who scheduled the service were also very friendly and accommodating. Based on this experience I would use them again and recommend them.

Jake R. – Austin, TX

Our air conditioner went out Friday night at 8pm. I phoned the office around 9pm, and was surprised to reach a person! It was the service tech and he scheduled us for the very next day. Our air conditioner was blowing cold air by 1pm the next day!! I've been using McCullough for about two years and their service has always been wonderful. Will continue to use them for all our air conditioning needs in the future, I highly recommend McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning. Thank you, McCullough!

Pamela G. – Austin, TX