Emergency A C Repair, Tune Ups & New Installs

Is Your Heating or AC System Broken?

You Need an HVAC Problem Solver, not a generalist.

The latest trend is for heating and air conditioning companies to add plumbing to their list of services. I get it, extend your services, make more money, but, we aren't interested in being plumbers. We specialize in Air Conditioning, Heating systems, and whole house weatherization. Keeping your family comfortable and your energy bills low are our top priorities. We will leave the plumbing to plumbing specialists.

We guarantee, that McCullough Heating & Air will not fragment our staff, our training or our commitment to you by following trends. Fixing broken AC systems, troubleshooting problems and proactive maintenance is what we do. When your system can't or shouldn't be fixed we replace it. It is that simple. No gimmicks,

When things go wrong with your AC or heating system, you should go straight to a specialist, an HVAC Problem Solver, not a generalist who knows a little about a bunch of stuff. Don't waste your time.

If it is broken, we'll fix it. If can't or shouldn't be fixed, we'll replace it. When it is working, we want to keep it that way with proactive maintenance. No gimmicks. No BS. No bait-and-switch deals. Just honest, upfront communication about what is going on with your system and what needs to be done to keep your family comfortable and enjoying your home. McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are your HVAC problem solvers.

When you call McCullough for service you can guarantee a highly trained and certified heating & air conditioning technician will show up with a fully-stocked truck to solve problems with your home comfort system…. not your faucet.