Emergency A C Repair, Tune Ups & New Installs

Too Hot or Too Cold.

Some rooms in our house don’t get enough heat or cooling.
Can this be fixed?

Yes. Hot or cold spots are common, we fix this situation for customers all the time. We use sophisticated central air conditioning and heating design techniques and software to determine the proper size and number of ducts you need to maintain comfort throughout your home. In many cases, existing ductwork has deteriorated and become leaky, causing airflow problems and high utility bills. A McCullough comfort adviser can inspect your existing duct system, tell you how it performing and, if need be, repair or replace damaged ducts, add returns or vents to balance the comfort from room to room. Oftentimes, rebates are available to help pay for duct sealing and/or duct replacement.

Give us a call if you have hot and cold spots in your home (512)280-0011.