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HVAC Equipment & Installation

What AC Brand Should I Buy?

I often get asked questions, like…  “what brand of air conditioner should I consider buying?”, “What’s the best brand?”, and, “Which AC Unit Should I Choose?” My answers to these questions usually catch people by surprise, “It’s not about the brand of air conditioner, but rather about picking the right contractor”. Most people believe that…

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The Importance of Proper AC/Heating System Design

HVAC systems are like any other electro-mechanical device, in that, they only work as advertised when they are installed properly. And even then, they don’t work at peak performance until they are fine-tuned after proper installation. You may be asking yourself, “doesn’t every HVAC contractor design and install HVAC systems properly?” Umm, no – We…

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Enjoy Paperwork-Free Rebates and Tax Credits Without Breaking a Sweat

Are you burning up just thinking about the cost to replace your home’s central heating and air conditioning system? Don’t sweat it – McCullough has secured over 2 million dollars in rebates for our Austin Energy customers in the past 10 years and we invite YOU to take advantage of those awesome rebates, financing options and tax credits available, too! There’s…

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Get a Second Opinion on Heating and Air Conditioning Repair from McCullough

Are you in the market for heating and air conditioning repair services? Before you commit to an estimate, get a second professional opinion from McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning. As the largest family-owned air conditioning and energy conservation company in the Greater Austin area, we’ve been providing our customers with the best overall value for…

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