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McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning for Choice Austin AC Repair

When it comes to top quality Austin AC repair, it’s important to have a highly reputable company on your side. McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to fixing your heating and air issues so you can get back to enjoying what matters most to you. We are in the business of keeping you cool during the summer and keeping you warm in the winter. While you should be able to find quality care and service anywhere, unfortunately there are many in the AC repair industry that do not share the core values of McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning.

When it comes to heating repair, there are many service providers claim to offer great deals and service without the experience or training to back it up. They may show you how you can save money, but in the end, their lack of understanding of how heating and air works, ends up costing homeowners more than they bargained for. This cannot only be frustrating, but it also leaves a bad experience that a more trust worthy and capable service provider has to overcome. Having a trustworthy heating and air contractor is not only about your level of comfort during the summer months, it is also about the safety of you as well as your family.

McCullough is the Reputable Heating Repair Company for Austin

When you choose McCullough, you choose among the most trusted Austin AC repair company in the area. Without question, finding a reputable contractor requires much research and well thought out effort. It is also important to not wait until you are in need of heating or AC repair to contact someone. This could leave a door open to less than reputable providers who will take advantage of a customer in need.  McCullough offers among the best Austin AC repair around because we care. You do not have to worry whether the AC unit cost is being hiked up beyond the normal price, or if you are being taken advantage of. We are with you every step of the way, from installation to repeated service calls.

Whether you are a newer customer or one that had a system installed several years prior to you calling. We value each one of our customers. After all, you are not just a service call; you are one of our neighbors. Heating repair is crucial to your family’s comfort and well-being. Not many take that into consideration, particularly smaller companies that are not able to service their customer base to the level that McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning is able to perform. Our valued customers see us a premier Austin AC repair company because top quality is what we deliver.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service You Can Trust

Getting the best in HV/AC is more than getting the best AC unit cost. You need more from a service provide. You want the most budget friendly AC unit cost without the unwelcome surprised of add-ons and hidden costs. Finding a reputable heating repair company should not be an arduous chore. The process of system installation and or AC repair should be relatively painless, and easily explained to you. When it comes to heating repair, a customer wants results, not theories.
Over the course of our 40 year history, we have heard the stories from our customers who have told us of less than reputable contractors who promised one thing, only to deliver another. The heating and air industry is small and word gets around. People talk if their AC unit cost is higher than the market allows. When it comes to Austin AC repair, we strive to build long term relationship through ethical business practices. It is the foundation of McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning.

McCullough offers the following benefits and services to all of our customers:

  • Highly trained professional technicians
  • State of the Art Safety Equipment
  • Reputable Customer Service
  • No Price Gouging
  • Guarantees in the local HV/AC industry

Offering our clients excellent service by only top professionals, we make it difficult to choose any other heating and air provider in the greater Austin, Texas area.


An Efficient HV/AC System Will Save You Money

These days, energy conservation is an important step to leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Government mandates are making it imperative to ensure that heating and air systems are current, with efficiency being the name of the game. Our goal to assist our customers in getting the most value for their money has made McCullough among the best Austin AC repair company. There are many factors to having an efficient heating and air system. The first line of defense is your duct system. Most people think of a system as being the equipment outside without considering that the heating repair should being with the duct work. Having ducts that leak, or a dirty will cause greater inefficiency and increase your monthly energy uses which has a direct impact on your monthly bill.

It is estimated, by Austin Energy, that the average home in the area loses an approximate 27% of its heating and or cooled air due solely to a faulty or leaky duct system. Without proper duct flow, equipment can becomes filthy and not function properly, which only increases your monthly bill. In the end if the duct work is faulty your system will offset any savings you gained on your AC unit cost. This can add up over the course of a few years. It doesn’t have to be this way. While we are known for excellent AC repair, we are also experience in system installation for your home. In addition to heating repair, we have made a name for ourselves in selecting and installing systems that make your home more comfortable.

We believe that proper air flow starts with proper installation. McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning is Austin’s go-to AC repair company. Our technicians will make sure to properly install your system and ensure that it is running at its best. We will never sell you equipment that you do not need. We will never sell you equipment that does not function to give you the most in comfort and energy efficiency. You have the McCullough guarantee that the AC unit cost will be as quoted with no add on or hidden fees. What you may be asking yourself is: “How can I determine whether or not I am paying too much for my heating and air?
The Cost of Your Utilities

When it comes to energy, the idea is to increase efficiency, not increase heating repair bills. This is why McCullough encourages all of customers to perform this simple litmus test using a very simple formula. Even if your unit is a newer model and you saved on the AC unit cost, this simple test may prove you have areas that can be improved upon. While there is little exact science due to each home being different, we here at McCullough have a general formula, a rule of thumb as to how to determine whether or not your bill is too high. Over the years we have calculated that your highest electric bill, at its peak during the summer; should be roughly $0.06 times the square footage of your home. Keep in mind, that other factors will increase your bill such as whether or not you own a swimming pool, or any other additional energy-dependent amenities.

If you have calculated your heating and air monthly bill and it is greater than the formula above, then we suggest that you set up an appointment with our office in order to schedule a Home Energy Audit. McCullough is an Austin Energy Registered contractor who has been trained to perform an energy audit. The service is free to homeowners in the Austin area, and we will only send one of our specially trained technicians to perform the inspection. We want you to trust McCullough as Austin’s go to AC repair company. This is why we give guidelines for our customers to consider before replacing their current unit based on the recommendations of another service provider.

AC Unit Cost and the Price of Installation

Being a go-to Austin AC repair company requires more knowledge than simple equipment maintenance and repair. It also requires having the integrity to not sell the customer something they do not need. This is the reason people know that when they are quoted the AC unit’s cost, they get the actually price, not a bait and switch. Perhaps your home is experiencing a shift in even heating or cooling? Perhaps you are experiencing a large of dust that is not normal? Maybe you see that you need heating repair? Of course the changes seasons impact both of those scenarios, but your unit should be working evenly and efficiently. AC repair can be costly, particularly if it is not required.

While many contractors go forward with suggesting AC repair, the fact may be that your ducts are either filthy or leaking. It could be a matter of tending to your ducts rather replacing your entire unit.

Nobody wins if your system is faulty. We are not looking to pad a heating repair bill, we want our customers to have the most efficient HV/AC system possible for their overall comfort and financial well-being. When you set up a complimentary inspection with our office we will assess your entire home to see if there are any trouble spots, any areas that can be improved. We will never suggest an AC repair if it is unnecessary. Our company has been in the business for 40 years and we did not become Austin’s AC repair specialist by selling our neighbors products and services they did not need. What many of our customers have learned over the years is that not only will an efficient HV/AC system will only save money on their monthly bill, but it also pays dividends during tax season.

Doing Business with McCullough Offers Opportunities for Rebates and Tax Credits

No doubt about it, AC repair can be expensive, but it can also offer savings in the long run. In addition to offering lower AC unit costs, we also offer top notch Austin AC repair because we are a company who truly wants to save their customers money. Of cousre, who does not like saving money? Saving money is one of the more responsible things homeowners can do for themselves as well as their families. Saving money while installing energy efficient upgrades not only decreases monthly energy bills, but again it pays off during tax season.

Not only do upgrades save on long term AC repair, but provides tax incentives through government credits. In the last ten years, we have had the privilege of securing over two million dollars of rebates for our customers through the Austin Energy initiative. In addition, the Federal government rewards those who are choosing to take this important step in carbon footprint reduction by offering attractive tax reductions for upgrades on HV/AC systems. As a proud member of the ACCA, the indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association, we encourage you, as well as all of our customers to take advantage of these incentives.

Everybody Needs HV/AC

Everybody in the Austin, Texas area needs heating and air. It is a simple fact of living in this wonderful community. Don’t wait until the last moment to give us a call for your free inspection. One of our certified Comfort Advisers will assess your home and determine based on its unique needs, which system is the right option for you and your family. We offer a comprehensive inspection where we investigate the area that may be impacting your level of comfort as well as health and safety. When it comes to getting quality Austin AC repair, turn to none other than McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning.