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Get Heating Repairs Done Before the Cold Weather Starts

As colder seasons near, you should make sure your heating system is working properly. Heating repair and maintenance is important to ensuring that your system is functioning as efficiently as it should, as well as ensure that there are no underlying problems that could put you and your family in the way of danger. Things like carbon monoxide poisoning or even a fire could put lives at risk. Therefore, HVAC repair should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that your heating system is working and is safe.

Have you ever had to turn your heater on after it has remained unused for a couple seasons? Sometimes it smells like something is burning, sometimes it does not warm up your house, and sometimes it may not work at all. Other times, it could be working fine but over time you start to get a headache and feel nauseous. Many people do not even correlate their heating system to feeling ill but carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat and one that you should be aware. It is important to have a plan in place, should you start to feel ill and recognize the symptoms as possible carbon monoxide poisoning. A burning smell could also be a concern as that generally means the coils are not clean and it could be a potential fire hazard.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air. It is produced from the partial oxidation of carbon-containing compounds and forms when there is not enough oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, or CO2. Therefore, it consists of one carbon atom and one oxygen atom. For example, operating an internal combustion engine or a stove in an enclosed space is likely to emit carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common type of fatal air poisoning in the United States as well as many other countries. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and feelings of weakness. Neurological signs include confusion, disorientation, visual disturbance, and fainting. Exposure to excessive carbon monoxide may cause significant damage to the heart and central nervous system.

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the biggest reasons that heating and air conditioning service are important and that any heating repair should be performed by a qualified professional as soon as possible. You can install a carbon monoxide detector to help you determine when the levels are unsafe but air conditioning service is the best way to ensure you will never have a problem. You may think it is a minor problem when your HVAC system does not work properly. By having it looked at immediately, you could be saving someone’s life, including your own.

Heating Repair Prevents House Fires

Inappropriate wiring or a short in your system is a real danger to starting a house fire. It is important that you turn off your heating system when you leave or put it on a timer so it will not run the entire time you are away from home. It is also important to clean or change your air filters regularly and keep the heating coils free of dust and debris. A poorly functioning system can be overstressed when it is clogged or not breathing properly and can cause major issues such as fires when it is not properly maintained.

Energy Savings

Caring for your HVAC unit will go a long way to ensure the efficient and proper functioning of your unit as well as save you money. Heating and cooling combined, are the largest energy user in the average home. A big advantage to HVAC repair and regular air conditioning service is how much energy savings you will get. Maintaining your system means it will run more efficiently and save you money on your electric or gas bill. Regular maintenance will help save you money, as will being conscientious about your heating or cooling usage. Energy consumption increases by about 5–10% for every additional degree increase on your thermostat for wintertime heating and summertime cooling.

Also, if you have a system that is undersized for your house or one that is constantly in need of repair, you may consider HVAC replacement instead of heating repair or service. However, buying a unit that is oversized for your living space is also a waste of energy and money. Choosing a correctly sized system is very important. Remember that if you choose to install an oversized heater, as you will be wasting money on buying a bigger heater than you need and wasting energy/money to operating it. Whether to repair your system or opt for AC replacement is entirely up to you and you have to weigh out the cost factors to make a decision on whether or not AC replacement is worth your money or time.

Turn to the Professionals


If you need heating repair or you have made the decision that HVAC replacement is the best option or you, make sure you are hiring the right professionals for the job. McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning is dedicated to solving your HVAC problems, including HVAC repair and even AC replacement should it be needed. Since 1977, we have been providing trustworthy and dependable service to the Greater Austin, Texas area. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry and providing quality air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services.

Our technicians are familiar with all brands of air conditioning and heating systems and provide excellent heating repair, preventative maintenance care, energy efficiency services, and AC replacement. They are skilled, knowledgeable, and professional and can answer your questions and address your concerns before you commit to any kind of HVAC replacement or repair. In addition to air conditioning service, we also offer free energy audits, HVAC performance check-ups, duct design and HVAC repair, insulation and waterproofing services, and more. We are known for focusing on value and running an ethical business. It is our desire to build lasting relationships with all our clients. Some companies may offer a free service call that leads to spending hundreds of dollars. McCullough is all about providing you with the best overall value and lowest possible cost and achieve total customer satisfaction.

Our five-star reviews rank us among the top air conditioning and heating repair companies as well as among the best for AC replacement. We are able to repair and maintain all brands of heating and air conditioning units such as Whirlpool, Trane, Rheem, Coleman, and more. We are even a factory authorized dealer for Carrier brand equipment. If you are looking for AC replacement, our home comfort specialists can you find the right unit for your home from our line of award-wining line of HVAC replacement units including Mitsubishi Ductless air conditioners. Whether you need HVAC repair or replacement, we are knowledgeable and will help guide you in the right direction.


Heating Repair and Exceptional Air Conditioning Service at Affordable Prices

A well-functioning system keeps your family comfortable all year round. Our goal is to help you stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer. When your unit slows down or malfunctions, you want a professional to fix it right away. Some common problems include:

  • Strange noises coming from your HVAC unit
  • An increase in utility bills
  • Improper temperature when the system is on
  • Uneven temperatures such as some rooms being too hot or too cold
  • System cycles on and off frequently
  • The temperature in the home does not match the thermostat setting
  • The blower is always running

These issues need to be looked at immediately before you have a permanent failure and it forces you to consider an HVAC replacement. Our professionals are just the people who can help you determine if HVAC repair is needed or if there is a bigger problem with your system.

AC Replacement Signs and Symptoms

HVAC replacement can be costly but without a properly working system you could be putting yourself in harm’s way. Your system may need to be replaced instead of repaired for any of the following reasons:

  • Your unit is over ten years old
  • The unit is making strange noises
  • Increase in utility bills
  • Water leaking inside your home
  • Your AC system is icing up
  • Uneven temperatures such as some rooms being too hot or too cold
  • The temperature in the home does not match the thermostat setting
  • Your AC unit is not blowing cold air
  • Your AC unit uses R22 freon, which is being phased out
  • You have needed cooling or heating repair multiple times in the past twelve months

There are a lot of options for how you heat or cool your home. We believe in using the most innovative and efficient cooling or heating technologies available. Our home comfort consultants can perform a heat load analysis to determine what size unit you will need as well as the proper ductwork size. They take into account all aspects of your home environment, including construction materials, ceiling heights, window and door locations, insulation and more. We will make every effort to correct any issues regarding installation or craftsmanship. We know you will be 100% satisfied after your HVAC replacement, or you get your money back.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Whether you routinely have your HVAC unit serviced or are looking to get on a routine schedule to ensure proper operation of your unit, we are just the professionals you want to provide you with timely service and any tips and advice to help your unit last longer and run more efficiently, thus saving you money both now and in the future. Preventative maintenance helps to keep your system sunning at peak performance all year long. It also allows us to catch issues early before they become bigger problems. We offer performance inspections as well as biannual inspections to ensure your unit is performing as expected.

We offer the Comfort Club program that provides you with thorough inspections of all essential elements of your system. It also offers discounts on service calls and repairs, extended warranties on parts, priority service and no overtime charges. Should you opt to not be a part of our program, we are still more than happy to perform HVAC repair services on an as-needed basis. However, whether you are part of our Comfort Club program or not, we are here for you when you need emergency cooling or heating repair services.

Air conditioning service and timely, scheduled heating repair could make a huge difference in your utility bills, the longevity of your unit, and even keep you and your family safe. Do not take for granted the importance of a properly functioning HVAC system. Get yours checked today! Let McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning give your heating or cooling system a professional and thorough inspection to ensure it is working as it should and that you and your family will be safe from harmful gases and potential fires. After all, you want to be comfortable in your home and not feel ill or be worried about potential problems being caused by a faulty AC unit.

If you need a second opinion, we are happy to help with that too! HVAC repair is important so you should always consult with a professional, even if you must speak with more than one. At McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning, we are happy to give you a free second opinion without putting on the pressure for you to use our services. Call us before you commit to a major service or HVAC replacement. We look forward to working with you and we hope that you choose us as your only choice for air conditioning service as well as AC replacement or emergency heating repair.