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Our New HVAC Maintenance Agreement

A good HVAC Maintenance Agreement should prioritize your time and energy. Ours does and has two options to fit your needs. The McCullough Comfort Club gives you two levels to choose from: Basic with one visit per year or Premium with two visits per year.

You don’t need to add us to your to-do list, either. We’ll set reminders on our end to schedule with you when maintenance time comes around again!

This quick and easy membership-based HVAC maintenance program keeps system maintenance consistent, while providing hands-off solutions, and extra savings!

Austin HVAC Maintenance Agreements

McCullough Is The Clear Choice For Informed And Eco-Conscious Homeowners In Austin.


Did You Know:

A neglected heating system or air conditioner loses 5% of its operating efficiency every year. This means you’re losing money every year that you don’t invest in ongoing HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC equipment is an ecosystem that requires regular inspection, cleaning, and fine-tuning to operate at its best. Like an automobile, your system is only as effective as the care it receives.

Comfort Club Plan

Comfort Club Plan

Added Club Benefits

Our pricing is set, certain, and backed by an
efficient process.

We don’t need to manipulate the numbers because we stand by them.

Why Is An HVAC Maintenance Agreement So Important?

Your HVAC system operates all day, every day. It impacts the comfort you feel, the energy bills you pay, and the air you breathe. You could wait until your system breaks down and needs a repair. However, ongoing maintenance may prevent costly repairs in the future while offering you optimal performance and peace of mind now. Here are just a few.

System Performance And Longevity

Your system’s lifespan depends on its health. If the health of your system is consistently maintained, you could maximize your initial investment and prevent the need for premature replacement. You’ll also experience better system performance every day when your system is fine-tuned, monitored, and maintained.

Short-Term And Long-Term Savings

Ongoing HVAC system maintenance is the best way to ensure low energy consumption and efficient operation. When your system is working as it should, you’ll save on energy bills and do your part for the planet. A system that is well-maintained is also less likely to require costly repairs or emergency service, saving you money now and later

Reliable Access To Support

When you sign up for an ongoing HVAC maintenance agreement, you’re also securing a consistent and reliable partner in home comfort. Can you believe some companies bump their maintenance customers appointments to accommodate new system installs? We don’t! When surprises do happen, you’ll have a direct line to fast, efficient service. In the meantime, you’ll enjoy routine maintenance calls without the hassle. 

What Should An HVAC Maintenance Agreement Include?

An HVAC Maintenance Agreement is a responsible way to make sure your system is kept healthy and efficient. Most programs will provide you some cost savings or extra perks. To get the most out of your Maintenance Agreement, however, you’ll want to work with a provider who makes every effort to go above and beyond for you. Here’s how we do it:


Part of being a McCullough Comfort Club member is feeling like a VIP. We offer priority scheduling, emergency access, and extras you won’t get as a regular customer.


No maintenance agreement should cost you more money without helping you save. Our program includes, no service call fees ever, lifetime warranty on all electrical components, 15% off parts and labor and access to our everyday affordable prices.

Seamless Experience

he point of maintenance is to ensure the best possible service and system performance. We offer one of the most thorough annual performance inspections in the industry, as well as extended warranties, rebates, and other benefits you can’t get elsewhere. 

Experience The Difference Quality Service Makes – Schedule Your AC Maintenance Service With McCullough Today!

Why Us?

McCullough is one of Austin’s largest family-owned HVAC companies and has been providing the area with honest and dependable service since 1977. We make customer satisfaction our top priority, and that shapes the way we do business. We believe in fast and honest service – you’ll never catch us upselling you services you don’t need. Once you work with McCullough, you’ll see why your Austin neighbors have been trusting us for over 40 years with their heating and cooling needs!

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