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Neglecting your Heating & AC System Can Be a Costly Mistake.

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Is Your Heating & Cooling System Running Happy & Healthy?

Or slowly dying in the attic or side yard?

AC Performance Inspections in Austin

Annual inspections and tune-up services are the keys to keeping your air conditioning system running optimally and effectively all year. If you need a skilled service team that offers top-quality inspections and custom AC services, you came to the right place.

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning is a local air conditioning company in Austin that is fully devoted to providing you with the services and solutions you need in order to stay comfortable. Our AC inspection services are streamlined to provide your system everything it needs in order to stay operating at its best!

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Why Do I Need Annual AC Inspections?

In Austin, we rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool and comfortable throughout spring and summer—and often even a bit into the fall. And modern cooling systems are designed to deal with this, somewhat. But can it keep up? Without proper inspections and maintenance, the answer is no.

Air conditioning systems are designed with routine care in mind, just like cars or other larger machines. Without proper maintenance, an air conditioner will begin to wear down—parts go bad, the refrigerant may leak, and your system will cake up with dust and debris.

Annual inspections are designed to account for these problems and deal with them, keeping your system operating reliably and at its best. By scheduling an inspection, you can benefit from:

  • Much lower risk of parts failure or mid-season breakdowns
  • Increased energy efficiency, which translates to lower cooling costs
  • Extended AC system lifespan
  • Protection for your manufacturer warranty
  • Higher indoor air quality

Routine AC inspections and AC maintenance are all about cost prevention and comfort protection. Contact us online to schedule your service today!

What Does an Annual AC Inspection Include?

When it comes to providing a full evaluation of an air conditioning system, nothing should be neglected. We have streamlined our inspection services so that we cover all of the particulars of your cooling equipment, regardless of what brand or type of cooling equipment you have. Our inspections include:

  • Evaluation of vital components (blower motor, AC condenser and compressor, evaporator coils, and more) to ensure proper working order
  • Lubrication for moving parts to reduce damaging friction and smooth operation
  • Refrigerant check to make certain levels are adequate and that no leaks are present
  • Electrical connection inspections to ensure safe and efficient operation
  • Airflow inspections to make certain your system is flowing healthily and properly
  • Thermostat inspections to check for accurate reads and proper response to input
  • And much more!

Once the inspection is complete, our technicians will present you with a full report. Using this report, we can make AC repair recommendations should any issues be detected during service, or we can recommend ways to improve the effectiveness of your system.

Schedule AC Performance Inspection in Austin, Texas

Keeping up with routine inspections arms you with the knowledge you need to make the right calls regarding your home cooling system. When you want to give your AC system the best care possible, trust the skilled technicians at McCullough for superior service.

Contact us online to schedule an inspection today, or feel free to call us to discuss the benefits of an AC evaluation at any time!

Sure, your AC is “working”,
but how well and for how long?

Know the health of your system and don't be caught by surprise. 

Knowledge is Power

Is your system happy and healthy, or slowly dying?

We are here to help you answer that question and provide solutions.

When you schedule a performance inspection, you will receive a cooling season inspection in the spring/summer and a heating inspection in the fall/winter. When finished our technician will go over their findings, give you a snapshot of your system's health and provide you with repair recommendations if needed.

ChecklistCooling SystemHeating System
Safety Controlsbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Electrical connectionsbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Moving parts (lubricate)bullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Operating cyclebullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Thermostatbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Air filtersbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Operating pressuresbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Heating or Cooling temperature splitbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Air flowbullet_circle-blue bullet_circle-red
Indoor & outdoor cooling coilbullet_circle-blue
Condensate drain linesbullet_circle-blue
Refrigerant line insulationbullet_circle-blue
Contractor points, capacitors and relaysbullet_circle-blue
Amp draw on motorsbullet_circle-blue
Static pressurebullet_circle-blue
Gas Leaksbullet_circle-red
Pilot light/ignitionbullet_circle-red
Flue Draftbullet_circle-red
Blower componentsbullet_circle-red
Heat exchangerbullet_circle-red
Carbon Monoxide safetybullet_circle-red

Be kind to your AC, have it inspected annually to ensure it is there for you when you need it most.

We all know they love to die on holidays, weekends, during a party or when your in-laws are visiting.

Get your system checked-up today.

Learn the truth about how well your system is functioning and get it tuned up for next season.