What Are The Benefits Of Annual HVAC Inspections?

Neglecting your Austin AC system can be a costly mistake

HVAC Annual inspections and tune-up services

Annual inspections and tune-up services are the keys to keeping your air conditioning system running optimally and effectively all year. If you need a skilled service team that offers top-quality inspections and custom AC services, you came to the right place. McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning is a local air conditioning company in Austin that is fully devoted to providing you with the services and solutions you need in order to stay comfortable. Our AC inspection services are streamlined to provide your system everything it needs in order to stay operating at its best! Have you scheduled your annual AC performance inspection? Call us or reach us online to schedule service now.

The Benefits Of An Annual AC Inspection In Austin

In Austin, we rely on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool and comfortable throughout spring and summer—and often even a bit into the fall. But can it keep up? Without proper HVAC inspections and maintenance, the answer is no.

Air conditioning systems are designed with routine care in mind, just like cars or other larger machines. Without proper maintenance, an air conditioner will wear down—parts go bad, the refrigerant may leak, and your system will cake up with dust and debris.

Annual inspections handle these problems, keeping your system operating reliably and at its best. By scheduling an inspection, you can benefit from:

Our Pricing Is Set, Certain, And Backed By An Efficient Process.


What Does An Annual AC Inspection Include?

When it comes to providing a full evaluation of an air conditioning system, nothing should be neglected. We have streamlined our inspection services so that we cover all of the particulars of your cooling equipment, regardless of what brand or type of cooling equipment you have. Our HVAC inspections include:

Once the inspection is complete, our technicians will present you with a full report. Using this report, we can make AC repair recommendations should any issues be detected during service, or we can recommend ways to improve the effectiveness of your system.

Checklist Cooling System Heating System
Safety Controls 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Electrical Connections 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Moving Parts (lubricate) 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Operating Cycle 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Thermostat 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Air Filters 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Operating Pressures 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Heating or Cooling Temperature Split 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Air Flow 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Indoor & Outdoor Cooling coil 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg
Condensate drain lines 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg
Refrigerant line insulation 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg
Contractor points, capacitors and relays 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg
Amp draw on motors 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg
Static pressure 240px-Eo_circle_light-blue_checkmark.svg
Gas leaks 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Pilot light/ignition 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Flue draft 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Blower components 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Burners 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Heat exchanger 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg
Carbon monoxide safety 240px-Eo_circle_red_checkmark.svg

Get Your System Check-Up Today

Learn the truth about how well your system is functioning and get it tuned up for next season. A McCullough Heating & AC inspection is different because we’re:

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McCullough technicians are trained in the latest best practices in our industry. It’s our job to know about important changes before you do. 


Our team knows how to listen. We take time to ensure your needs are met and concerns are addressed.

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You’ll see from the comprehensive list of points in our inspection, we go beyond the obvious to give your system the complete care it needs.

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Our preventative lens toward your HVAC system issues will help you save money, not spend more than you should.

Be Kind To Your AC

Have it inspected annually to ensure it is there for you when you need it most. Know the health of your system and don’t be caught by surprise

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