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AC Install Austin TX

High Quality HVAC Installation in Austin, TX

Investing in an HVAC replacement is a big cost for any homeowner. It makes total sense that if you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a home improvement project, you want it done right. But most homeowners are not a licensed and certified HVAC professional. Without an experienced eye, you’ll have no clue…

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HVAC Replacement Austin, TX

What is a Load Calculation?

Have you ever wondered how we know what size HVAC equipment your home needs? Okay, maybe that’s not top of mind for you, but it is for us. Many homeowners think it’s fine to just replace their old equipment with a new version of the same size. But over the years, things change! Maybe you…

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Support Small Business

Support Local Businesses in Austin

Have you heard the saying, “Shop small”? This short phrase is all about supporting the small, local businesses that make our community great. When you support local and independent businesses, you are helping to Keep Austin Weird – but how exactly? In this post we’re sharing the top reasons you should support the businesses with…

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New Carrier Installation

Checking in with the Winner of our FREE HVAC System Giveaway

Earlier in 2020, we held a giveaway for a free HVAC system! The Austin homeowner with the oldest HVAC unit would receive a brand new Carrier AC system. In April, we called Mr. Jerry Rabun and informed him he was the winner!  Jerry’s air conditioning unit was a whopping 52 years old!  Jerry told us…

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Indoor air quality

Carrier® Air Purifier Effective to Kill Coronavirus

We’ve got big news for Austin homeowners. An independent research lab has shown that the Carrier® Infinity Air Purifier is effective in eliminating the coronavirus within the air. That’s on top of the air purifier’s effectiveness against 3 other pathogens: human influenza, common cold surrogate, and streptococcus pyogenes. Installing a Carrier Air Purifier in your…

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HVAC Rebates

A Guide to HVAC Rebates

You may have heard of a money-saving buzzword: REBATES. This term is associated with lots of dollar signs and promises to save you money. But… not everyone is “in the know”, and just because you aren’t familiar with rebates doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of them. That’s why we put together this Guide to…

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HVAC Financing

Benefits to HVAC Financing

So, you are wondering whether or not to finance your new HVAC unit. No matter your situation, we think financing new HVAC systems has only upside. Get Comfort When You Need It: Now! Most financial experts (… and let’s face it, finance blogs and influencers) recommend saving six months worth of household expenses for a…

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2020 Summer Fan Drive, Austin, TX

Fan Fare: Recap of the 2020 Summer Fan Drive Events

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning has partnered with Family Eldercare and the Summer Fan Drive for many years. We are back at it again in 2020! The Summer Fan Drive provides relief to Central Texas residents in need that cannot afford air conditioning.  Kicking off the Summer Fan Drive, in the Spring! We truly believe…

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AC Repair Austin

Is a Portable AC a Good Solution for a Hot Room?

When Austin starts to turn extra steamy, problems with your air conditioner can become more apparent. That’s especially true during a global pandemic as we spend much more of our time inside of our homes. A very common problem we see all the time in Austin homes is a room that is warmer than all…

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HVAC Maintenance

Do HVAC Maintenance Plans Make Sense?

Your heating and cooling system needs regular maintenance to work properly throughout the year. Surprised? You’re not alone. Many homeowners in the Austin area don’t know how critical maintenance is to an HVAC system. And since there’s no indicator for maintenance like you have a check engine light in your car, it's tough to remember…

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Austin HVAC Rebates

HVAC Rebates for Austin Homeowners

Aside from tacos, being weird, and live music, Austin is also one of the greenest cities in the country. In fact, in 2017, Architectural Digest named Austin the greenest city in America. From maintaining our many beautiful city parks to promoting energy efficiency, low waste and low emissions (scooter commuters), it’s evident that Austin is…

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Austin Home Weatherization

Weatherization: What is it, and Why is it Important in Austin

If you own a house here in Austin, Texas, there’s a buzz word you might have heard a time or two: weatherization. So, what is weatherization?  Weatherization, sometimes called weather proofing, is a home improvement process that improves a home’s protection against the outdoor elements.  Why should I weatherize my home? One of the main…

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McCullough Summer Fan Drive

McCullough Supports: Family Eldercare’s Summer Fan Drive

Here at McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning, we support Austin with more than just HVAC services. We find meaningful ways to give back to our community. One event that is very important to our entire team is the Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive. With our support, this non-profit organization is able to meet the previously…

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HVAC Financing

Is Financing a New HVAC a Good Idea?

Heating and cooling systems are a big purchase for most Austin homeowners. And truly, no one likes to see their savings take such a huge hit. You may have heard about financing programs for new HVAC systems. But, are they a smart choice? Here’s the short answer: yes. Getting financing for a new HVAC system…

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Phasing out freon

Important AC Update: R22 Phaseout

Have any idea what kind of refrigerant your air conditioner uses? If you’re like most Austin homeowners, the answer is probably no. But as we close out 2019 and head into 2020, this little piece of info can make a big difference. An older refrigerant called R22 (sometimes called Freon®) is a part of a…

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