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AC Check-ups Save Money

why get regular ac maintenance

Did you know that if left alone without maintenance or tune-ups, your air conditioner’s performance could degrade up to 82% in a handful of years? It’s true! According to Honeywell, the pressure drop across an indoor coil doubles in four to seven years without proper maintenance, resulting in an 82% degradation of performance. Studies were done nearby in Louisiana also showed that air conditioning tune-ups save an average of $32.76 per month on operative costs.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Matters

Without routine maintenance, your air conditioner’s parts will begin to deteriorate. Like any other machine or system, these parts require attention and TLC in order to perform optimally and consistently. As the parts degrade, the system will perform less efficiently. This not only causes discomfort in your home during those hot Texas summers, but it can also use up tons of excess energy as it works to battle the heat. As your failing system begins to use more and more energy to fight for your comfort, it’s costing you more and more money. Add in the potential for restoring lost capacity, preventing breakdowns during the peak season, extending equipment life, ensuring safety and it’s clear having your central comfort system checked each year by a professional makes perfect sense.

Can’t I just Repair My System When I Have a Problem?

Of course. However, these repairs are going to be far more costly than simply and routinely having your air conditioner serviced. When a part or component has deteriorated, it will need to be replaced instead of just tuned up which adds significantly to your repair costs. Further, you will find that some degradation renders your entire system unusable. You may end up having to prematurely replace your entire system because, without maintenance, it couldn’t live up to its lifespan.

Also, once you are seeing an obvious problem with your air conditioner – it won’t kick on, it’s constantly cycling, it freezes up, or it blasts hot air into your home, etc. – the system has already been failing for a while. You don’t want your family to sleep through hot, sweaty nights or see a massive spike in your energy bill before you call us. Why go through the trouble?

Make Maintenance Part of Your Routine

There’s a simple fix. Rather than wait for red flags and eventually call us in desperation, you can set your maintenance up on a twice-yearly plan. We’ll remind you. We’ll come to you. We’ll handle the hard part and you can rest easy knowing that your system is at max health.

Trust the Home Comfort Experts

The empirical evidence is consistent and clear: Air Conditioners – and their friends in the heating department, like furnaces and heat pumps – need to be routinely maintained for optimal comfort, top dollar savings, and less stress. At McCullough, we provide whole-system inspections during our routine maintenance to ensure that other parts of your system aren’t impacting your air conditioner as well:

  • Ductwork inspection: The return and supply air plenums that connect to the indoor heating and cooling unit are checked. If the plenums are leaky, too small or in poor condition, they will negatively affect the efficiency of the system.
  • Air conditioning equipment: The evaporator coil indoors must remain clean to operate efficiently. A clean outdoor condenser coil is critical to the efficient operation of the cooling and heating system. Because this coil does not have a filter, it becomes dirty and requires regular cleaning.
  • Energy Savings: Insulation affects the ability of the system to cool and heat a home efficiently. McCullough reviews other features of the home as well that affect energy use, such as the number of windows that are hit by direct sunlight and are not protected by solar screens or window film to block the sun’s rays.

Give us a call at (512) 866-9821 and schedule your routine A/C maintenance call today!

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