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Air Conditioning without air ducts?

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No Ductwork Where You Need It?

Many people looking to install air conditioning in an older home or a specialized space like a sunroom or garage run into a big issue – there is no place to put the ductwork. Even if you have a duct-based system, there are sometimes large areas that never seem to get cooled properly. You may think that if you can’t run ducts and traditional vents in a space, it can’t be temperature-controlled by anything other than an in-window unit or a free-standing space-heater or fan. That’s not true. To solve this problem, we always recommend ductless systems.

Ductless Systems? Tell Me More.

We’ve used Mitsubishi ductless units to help many of our Austin customers who have faced a situation where they want to temperature-control a non-traditional space. Mitsubishi ductless systems offer a very streamlined solution made up of an inside unit (typically a wall mount air handler) that is connected to the outside unit (condenser) via copper refrigerant piping. These slim and discreet units will convert outside air into conditioned and temperature-controlled air and then remit that air into your room or space.51

What are the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating?

In addition to the obvious benefit – that they provide an alternate method for heating and cooling a ductless space – these revolutionary little units also provide these wins for your home:

  1. Variable Capacity: The units only deliver the amount of cooling or heating the space needs. A typical A/C or heating system is all or nothing – if it has a 3-ton capacity, then it operates at 3 tons. A Mitsubishi ductless system varies the capacity it delivers based on environmental conditions – which is going to save energy costs.
  2. Extreme Efficiency: Even running at full capacity, the Mitsubishi ductless systems are very, very efficient. So efficient that they were used by the winners of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2011 – a contest that challenges collegiate teams to design, build and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy efficient and attractive. Austin homeowners who have installed the Mitsubishi system have seen dramatic drops in their monthly electric bills.
  3. Quiet Motors: These systems are so quiet that I often have to walk over and see if the green LED is lit to know whether the system is even running. The quiet operation is great for sound-controlled spaces such as external offices or converted-attic nurseries, for example.
  4. Easy Installation. Because ductwork can be very complex and requires complete customization for every home, an installation is just that much easier without ducts. Because the installation is less complex, it can be completed more quickly, which helps you move onto the next project you want to tackle.

If you are thinking about comfort-controlling a space where ductless systems would be useful, you can read more about Mitsubishi heating and cooling systems or give us a call and we’d be happy to provide you with brochures and customer references. You can also check out this video below which further outlines the benefits and the process:

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