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Why should I consider a new high-efficiency air filter?

What is the Importance of Air Filters?

What is the Importance of Air Filters?

Filtration is an important and often overlooked aspect of a home comfort system. We spend an increasing amount of time in our homes. Filtration impacts not only the air you and your family breath but the air that travels through your heating and cooling system. When you allow dirty, dusty air to move through your system, you’ll soon have clogged components which will impact system operation and efficiency. Removing and cleaning a clogged and dirty evaporator coil can easily cost $400 – not to mention the lost efficiency you paid for while it was dirty! Beyond this, poorly filtered air will cause more dust for you to clean and can really impact pets or people with allergies and respiratory ailments.

What Type of Filter is Best For Me?

So what kind of filter should you use? First of all, disposable fiberglass filters are only about 15% effective. That means 85% of particles get through the filter. We don’t recommend them. Instead of a fiberglass filter, at a minimum McCullough recommends using disposable pleated filters because they remove far more particles from the air. Better yet, if you are replacing your HVAC system, install an electronic air cleaner or a media filter. Both filters are very effective at removing even the tiniest particles from the air, so you and your family will breathe cleaner air, enjoy a less dusty environment, and you’ll keep your heating and cooling system in better operating condition. Added bonus: with an electronic air cleaner or media filter that is part of you’re heating and cooling system, you only need to change the filter ONCE a year (twice if there are heavy smokers in the home).

High-efficiency filters remove more of the smaller particles from the air. This will help us breathe better and reduce sinus problems, headaches, and colds. Many people miss fewer days from school & work and use less allergy medication.

Why Do Air Filters Affect Energy Efficiency?

Thicker, denser filters that should be filtering the highest number of particles are also making it more difficult for your system to push air through them. This means your system has to work harder to cool or heat your home with these filters, causing undue stress on the system and higher energy bills for you. With High-Efficiency filters, the air is filtered before entering the furnace and air conditioning evaporator coil, which eliminates these concerns. Choosing these filters allows that your equipment will last longer and will reduce fuel consumption 10%-15% over the life of a new furnace and air conditioner.

The bottom line with air filters is that there are different options for different homes, systems, and preferences. McCullough has several different filters available and can show you the differences in efficiency and installation cost. Call us today to talk about one of our favorite topics – air filters! (512) 866-9821 .

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