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Don’t be caught by surprise… planned maintenance is a smart choice.

AC maintenance by McCullough

Karen from Westlake recently emailed us asking, “Do I really needed to have my central heating and air conditioning system inspected twice a year”.

The short answer is a resounding… YES!

Having your central heating and air conditioning system serviced once… or better yet… twice per year is just smart, preventative maintenance. You likely change the oil in your car changed every 3 – 5,000 miles and get your annual physical with your doctor, too. Why? Because it just makes sense! And it keeps you informed.

With your car and your body, you can usually tell when things are a little off… a weird rumble, a funny noise, a sharp pain. With Heating and AC systems – not so much. Equipment is typically installed where you can’t see them – in the attic, a closet, or in the side yard. We remain blissfully unaware of their existence… until there is a problem. And, if Murphy’s Law has anything to say about it, it’s an uncomfortably sweaty or terribly freezing problem… on a holiday… when your in-laws and family are in town.

One of our customers had a positive experience this week, here is her story:

“I am SO happy that I’m in the Comfort Club! This spring McCullough contacted me to schedule my cooling season inspection. My system was working fine but who knows what problems are silently killing my system. 

The inspection took about 2 hours going over the AC system outside and the related parts in the attic. During the inspection, they found a big problem in my downstairs unit. Turns out, the coil had a leak AND I was one month shy of my 10 yr warranty expiration. I cannot explain how happy I was with myself. I was a proactive homeowner by having the maintenance plan and I did not procrastinate in making the appointment. I had no physical evidence of a problem, so if it were not for the Comfort Club Plan, I would not have realized there was a problem until the weather got really hot and my system was under stress. 

I dodged a $2,500+ bullet by being on top of things. The best part is I really didn’t have to do much of anything, the McCullough’s team did all the work. I got to sit back and feel like a total badass for taking care of business and not being caught by surprise” — Stacy W.

Planned maintenance can extend the life of your system and keep it in good working order for as long as possible. A service plan can give you the information you need to take care of problems before they turn into big problems and make you aware of your units overall health for future planning and budgeting.

Not convinced yet? Here are some facts from the Dept. of Energy to consider:

  • Operating your HVAC system accounts for almost half of your electric and gas bill. That could be a lot of extra money if your system is off just a bit
  • As little as 1 millimeter of dirt or dust on your AC coil can reduce system performance by as much as 21%. That’s 21%! More wasted energy and money that is eliminated with regular maintenance and cleaning.
  • Key electrical components like capacitors and contactors fail gradually. Your system may appear to be working fine as these components SILENTLY start to fail. This puts more strain on expensive components like your compressor and motor. A twice per year inspection solves this problem and you save money, too

If you’re like most homeowners, your central heating and AC system is your third most expensive asset, one that directly affects how you enjoy your most expensive asset… your home.

Keep your system properly maintained. You’ll save money and have your peace-of-mind.

How healthy is your AC?

Schedule your inspection today. You can choose to do it as needed or join our Comfort Club for 2x per year inspection on top of many other savings.

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