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Support Local Businesses in Austin

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Have you heard the saying, “Shop small”? This short phrase is all about supporting the small, local businesses that make our community great. When you support local and independent businesses, you are helping to Keep Austin Weird – but how exactly? In this post we’re sharing the top reasons you should support the businesses with owners that call Austin home. 

Stimulate the Austin, TX Economy 

When you buy from businesses with local ownership, we keep more money within the community. For example, think about your favorite local coffee shop that is owned by someone that lives in Austin. With the money made from their business, that person will probably spend their money on businesses right here in Austin. We can help each other thrive when we shop local! 

Unique Businesses Create Character

Austin has a very specific charm. People from around the world travel here for a unique experience that doesn’t exist in other places. We can attribute this feeling of uniqueness to small businesses that help keep Austin weird. And although tourism plays a big role in our economy, it’s up to us as residents to cultivate the community that we want to live in. Supporting local businesses is one way to do just that.

Creating New Jobs

Did you know that small, local businesses are one of the largest employers nationally. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses created 10.6 million net jobs from 2000 to 2019, while large businesses created 5.6 million during the same period. When you buy from a small business, you’re helping to create new jobs for your neighbors. And when we have jobs here in Austin, less people will have to commute to their employer – reducing traffic and environmental impact.

Local Business Owners Reinvest In Community

Local businesses are owned by people that live right here in the Austin community. They are invested in the wellbeing of the people and neighborhoods here, in our city. At McCullough, we have a saying: we live here, we give here. We support several Austin causes that are near and dear to us. Our favorite organizations include: 

  • Family Eldercare and their Summer Fan Drive – ensuring that seniors and the elderly get the home comfort they need to get through the summer heat. 
  • Eanes Education Foundation and their Fund A Teacher program, which helps make a difference for students in Eanes ISD
  • Mobile Loaves and Fishes which does innovative work in supporting the homeless population here in Austin. 
  • Trinity Center who raises funds to support programs serving men and women experiencing homelessness.

McCullough – An Austin Original Since 1977

McCullough is one of the last remaining locally owned residential HVAC contractors in Austin. And although you may recognize our Chief Spokesdog, Mac and our tartan plaid colors around town, we’re Austinites-  just like you! We believe in hiring for life. We value our employees and invest in training them on both technical and soft skills. When you work with McCullough, you are supporting a local business that provides local employment AND that supports the local community. So if you are committed to shopping small, don’t leave out your home service providers. When you think of HVAC, think of the locally owned Austin original- McCullough Heating and Air!

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