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2021 Summer Fan Drive

Summer Fan Drive2021

Once again, our team here at McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning partnered with Family Eldercare and the Summer Fan Drive! We support many organizations in the Austin community, and the Summer Fan Drive is especially close to our hearts. Owner of McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning, Al D’Andrea, really puts it best when he said: “I strongly believe that a person’s income should not affect if they stay cool during the summer. That is why I donated to the fan drive.”

Did you know that…

  • There are 10,000 Central Texans living without AC
  • Heat is the #1 killer in weather-related deaths, especially among seniors
  • Fans save lives – reducing core body temperatures by eight degrees

What is The Summer Fan Drive

Family Eldercare is a local-to-Austin organization that’s all about providing programming and services to adults who may not have a support system in their lives. One of their primary missions is to prevent abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect of elderly adults and adults with disabilities.

Many years ago, the team at Family Eldercare recognized a major need in the community: cool comfort in the summer months. Although many of us are accustomed to air conditioning in our household, there are thousands of low-income families in Austin that do not have AC in their homes. That creates a major risk for heat-related illnesses, especially given the searing temps we experience here in ATX.

Thus, the Summer Fan Drive was born! Family Eldercare does an incredible job of rallying our community together to collect donations of fans from businesses and individuals. Then, those fans are distributed to individuals in need. Families can request fans directly to get relief from the heat. The fans are also used in disaster relief efforts; in 2020, many of the donations went to our friends living on the coast impacted by Hurricane Laura.

2021 Summer Fan Drive Events We’re Excited About

Here’s how you can get involved in this year’s summer fan drive event:

  • Create a Team Drive – Start a donation event with your coworkers, friends, family, or community group. Your team can collect fans or funds! Then, drop off your donations at one of the Summer Fan Drive events or at the warehouse. Family Eldercare has aton of resources for anyone interested!
  • Summer Fan Drive Parade – Oh boy, we really LOVE this event! People from all across Austin decorate their cars, trucks, dogs, and kids and “parade” to deliver their donations to one of our drop off locations! It’s a ton of fun to watch all the decorated vehicles stream in – plus, our hearts grow in size with every drop off. Save the date for this year’s parade on Friday, July 16th! Here are all the details.
  • Fans 4 Paws – Love animals? Us too! The Fans 4 Paws event helps collect fans and funds specifically for companion animals of adults in need. After all, animals need to stay cool too. This year’s event will be Saturday, August 21st at Easy Tiger (LINC Location). Head to this webpage for more information.

McCullough is a Longtime Sponsor of the Summer Fan Drive Event

This year, we are once again a Tower Fan Sponsor of the Summer Fan Drive and a Top Dog Sponsor of the Fans 4 Paws event.  We donate to this important cause because our team believes that staying cool should not be dependent on your income or status. The science is simple: fans save lives. Supporting the Summer Fan Drive is one way we give back to our home and our neighbors, the Central Texas community. We live here, we give here.

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