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The Best Heating And Cooling Systems For Austin Apartments, Condos, And Multifamily Properties

Multi Family HVAC Services


Every property manager has one thing in common – late-night phone calls from building tenants complaining about the HVAC system. Heating and cooling units can be a big source of frustration for owners and managers of multifamily properties because residents rely on it to maintain a comfortable living environment.

But with replacing a HVAC unit in an apartment, condo, dormitory, or assisted living facility, the choice can be difficult. Property managers are charged with finding the best balance between first cost, operating cost, and occupant satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll cover some key points in selecting the best heating and cooling system for your multifamily property in Austin. 

Key Factors in Choosing HVAC Units for Condos or Apartments

Like most business decisions, base choosing the right heating and cooling unit for your multifamily property on features, benefits, and values. Besides defining your budget, here are some of the other factors you should consider for your property: 

  • Individual Comfort Control – is it essential for each person to have complete control over their heating and cooling unit? Although a central heating and cooling system that could serve multiple occupants simultaneously has some advantages, most people expect to have control over their HVAC system. And although there is more equipment to manage in a one-system-to-one-dwelling setup, if one HVAC system breaks down, it only affects one dwelling rather than many. 
  • Efficiency – energy efficiency is a key priority for both property managers and tenants. Choosing systems with higher energy efficiency is not just a selling point for the average eco-conscious Austin resident. The lower draw on the energy grid could lessen the chances that your property will experience an overload that could cause a blackout. 
  • Sound – where will the equipment physically be located? The noise generated by the clanking on and off of a condenser can create grief among residents, especially if the units are right next to a bedroom window. By prioritizing quiet operation of an HVAC unit, you can offer a peaceful living experience for your residents. 
  • Service and Install Space – sure, the units may squeeze in between some walls in a courtyard. But can a repair team service them? Tight spaces also make HVAC install and replacement much more difficult. Another item to consider is how far any outdoor equipment is from the indoor equipment it is connected to. Many manufacturers have guidelines about length of piping. So before making your mind up about the product to install, consult with an HVAC expert about the physical space requirements.
  • Thermostats and Full Building Control Thermostats are how people interact with their HVAC system, so consider up-front if you are hoping to provide a modern experience for your tenants. And, we understand that there are cases where the property management team would like access to control all the HVAC units serving the building. Ultimately, the decision is yours for how you and your building occupants will control and monitor the HVAC units.

High Quality Install of Multi Family HVAC Systems

No matter what kind of HVAC system you choose, the most important piece of the puzzle is the quality of installation. Even choosing the top-of-the-line equipment cannot compensate for shoddy workmanship. At McCullough Heating & Air, we prioritize a high-quality HVAC installation, every single time. We know that when you have a proper install, you’re less likely to encounter problems down the road. That means for property owners, hiring a team that takes pride in their work should be a top priority. 

Multifamily HVAC Contractor in Austin

Whether you’re building a new apartment or condominium, or replacing the HVAC system in an existing property, you don’t have to do it alone. McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning is the local-to-Austin expert in HVAC replacement and install services. We are licensed, certified, and insured and employ NATE certified technicians. 

Our team services the greater Austin area including West Austin, Courtyard, Davenport Ranch, South Austin, Tarrytown, Allandale, Barton Creek, Brentwood, Cedar Park, Crestview, Hyde Park, Lakeway, Leander, Lost Creek, Northwest Hills, Oak Hill, Rollingwood, Anderson Mill, Georgetown, Jollyville, Pflugerville, River Place, Round Rock, Steiner Ranch, and West Lake Hills.

Contact us today for help with your HVAC projects on multifamily properties: (512) 866-9821 .

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