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Why We Support Leander ISD’s Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF)

McCullough HVAC Supports LEEF

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning is a locally owned and operated business. Just like you, our employees live all across the Greater Austin area. That means our children attend the same public schools as our customers. So when we consider which organizations we’d like to support, our local school districts rank high on the list. We’re excited to be a multi-year platinum partner with Leander ISD’s Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF). Leander ISD serves over 40,000 students, and with Leander being one of the fastest growing cities in the greater Austin area, it’s especially important to make sure the district has the resources they need.

Supporting Leander Students and Educators

LEEF is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 2007 as a path to supplement state funding of public schools. Additional resources mean more innovation, enrichment, and equity in Leander schools. By adding more resources, teachers can invest in innovative classroom materials and equipment, meaning that children get the opportunity to explore creativity and problem-solving skills that the standard curriculum may be missing. 

LEEF grants are available to teachers to enhance their classroom environment, refine instructional practices, and develop more specific and engaging learning plans. Without LEEF, these important efforts would be out of reach because of the costs associated. Some examples of the projects LEEF Grants support include customized teaching plans for students with dyslexia, AVID college and career field trips, STEAM labs, a podcast club, and more!  

Why Supporting Students and Education is Important to Us

We’re committed to the success of students in Leander ISD because they are our future! These young people will grow up to be full-fledged citizens in our community. It’s important to our entire team that students have the best start for the brightest future. 

At McCullough, we truly believe in community. It takes a village, and we understand that the education of our students is a team effort between teachers, parents, and those of us that live and work in the community. Becoming a multi-year partner with LEEF is just one way we continue to be engaged in our community! 

Making Leander Schools the Best

We’re excited to be a part of making Leander ISD a great place to learn. Partnering with Leander ISD’s Educational Excellence Foundation helps open doors for our educators, and in turn, will mean a brighter future for us all!

McCullough supports many organizations that serve the greater Austin community. We believe in giving back to the community in which we live. Choose McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning for your home comfort needs, and you’ll be supporting a company that gives back to the community. Call us anytime at (512) 866-9821 .

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