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Ways to Save on Home Energy Costs

lower energy costs

In a world troubled by inflation, we’re all looking for ways to save a little money. Maybe you’ve cut a few streaming services or stopped buying gourmet coffee. But have you considered making changes around your house to lower your energy costs? 

If you’re unsure where to begin, keep reading for eight energy savings tips to keep more money in your wallet. 

Install a Ceiling Fan 

Ceiling fans help circulate the air your HVAC system has already cooled down. It may allow you to increase the temperature on your thermostat by four degrees, lowering energy costs without reducing your comfort. Remember to turn them off if you’re not going to be home for additional savings.  

Seal Air Ducts 

Any air that leaks through your ducts can cause an increase in energy costs. In fact, leaky air ducts contribute to nearly 30% of the energy your heating and cooling system uses. Sealing and insulating your ducts will help lower energy costs at your home.   

Add Insulation

Have you thought about your home’s insulation lately? You should. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you could lower your energy costs by 15% by adding insulation to your home. Start with the attic, but don’t forget about the floors above a crawl space.   

Keep the Heat Out

In the summer, the Austin heat can get pretty intense. Install blinds, shades, and curtains to keep direct sunlight from entering your home. This will help prevent your air conditioner from working harder to keep up with the added heat.   

Program Your Thermostat 

Set your thermostat at your ideal temperature to create the most efficient system. Create a schedule for your HVAC around your own, so your system will operate in a useful way. This will help manage your system’s usage. 

Schedule HVAC Tuneups with a Professional 

You can take small steps on your own, like cleaning and changing the air filters, which will help lower your HVAC system’s energy consumption. However, scheduling an HVAC maintenance appointment with a professional you trust will ensure your system is performing at optimal levels.  (512) 866-9821

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