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When it Comes to HVAC, Timing is Everything (Part 1): Why Tune Up in Opposite Season

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This is the first of a two-part series on “When it Comes to HVAC – Timing is Everything”. Learn more about the benefits of having heating and AC tune-ups done in the opposite season.

It’s best to get HVAC system tune-ups twice a year. We recommend tuning your system in the opposite season for a number of reasons. So, have a professional inspect your AC or other cooling system in the late spring. This gives you time to fix any problems that arise before it gets too hot — and you know summer can get hot in Austin! You should also schedule your heating tune-ups prior to winter, so you’ll have reliable heat when a cold snap hits.

At McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning, we are happy to schedule seasonal tune-ups well in advance. During a tune-up, our specialists will check, clean, test and fix any problems that arise. If we find major issues, you have plenty of time to address them before you need your heating or cooling system.

The Benefits of HVAC Tune-Ups

There are many benefits of investing in seasonal HVAC tune-ups. First, you beat the rush. Typically, many homeowners call for AC maintenance at the beginning of summer and furnace tune-ups at the beginning of winter. By then, you may have to wait for service when it’s already hot or cold, and you need your system most.

Other benefits of getting HVAC tune-ups include saving money on your electricity bill and prolonging the life of your unit, as follows:

  • Save on your energy bill. Your heating and cooling systems account for nearly half of your home energy use. So, the more energy you save, the more money you save.
  • Prolong the life of your HVAC systems. Regular tune-ups keep your HVAC system clean, lubricated and in good working order. Removing dirt and debris and replacing worn components enables your system to last longer.
  • Save money on repairs. Squash potential problems before they drain your bank account. Procrastination is part of human nature. However, early prevention of HVAC damage can save you a lot of money since unaddressed problems typically lead to more expensive bills down the road. Any furnace or air conditioner tune-ups include a comprehensive inspection of all parts, such as the compressor, and a refrigerant charge. Both of these maintenance tasks can prevent expensive breakdowns.
  • Enjoy the benefits of clean filters. When dirt and gunk collect in your filters, it affects indoor air quality. However, it also drastically affects the efficiency of your furnace or AC. Therefore, it’s important to regularly change or clean the filter to keep your system running smoothly.

When the season changes, it’s time to contact the team at McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule the next tune-up

What’s Included in HVAC Tune-ups

There are roughly three parts to an HVAC tune-up:

  • HVAC inspection: We will inspect the furnace or AC at the beginning of the tune-up. Our experienced HVAC technicians will look for any signs of wear and tear or nonworking parts. This includes a complete inspection of the compressor, fan, motor and other major components.
  • HVAC Cleaning: In the fall, we will clean your furnace or other heating system. If you have changed the air filter regularly, this typically goes smoothly. Similarly, we will clean all major components of the cooling system in the spring.
  • HVAC Service: This is where you get the major benefit of heating and cooling system tune-ups. If we find small problems, we can fix them on the spot. We provide an upfront estimate for any major issues requiring part replacement or other repairs. However, if the refrigerant is low, or the HVAC pro finds a leak, they can often fix the problem on the spot.

Proactive HVAC Contractor In Austin

McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning has preventive maintenance programs that help you stay ahead of extreme summer and winter temperatures. We advise scheduling your heating and AC tune-ups well ahead of time so that you can address any issues that arise. We encourage offseason inspections, so that you can avoid seasonal peaks and have your unit clean and shiny before you need it.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a courteous NATE-certified technician local to wonderfully weird Austin, TX. And don’t miss Part 2 of our series where we explore “What Is the Best Time to buy a new HVAC system?

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