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HVAC Equipment & Installation

The Difference Between Low and High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Things sure do get hot here in Texas! With the temperatures outside rising, you want your home to be as cool and comfortable as possible. There are so many AC options on the market today, it can be difficult to decide what’s best for you and your family’s needs. With the increased awareness in energy…

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Best AC installer in Austin

How to pick a contractor to install your new AC system

Choosing an HVAC contractor is a BIG decision. After all, this is the AC system that will keep your home comfortable for years to come, and this is the company you are trusting to make sure the system does its job. Therefore, it makes sense to do your homework and check out the contractors ahead…

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The Importance of Proper AC System Design

HVAC systems are like any other electro-mechanical device, in that, they only work as advertised when they are installed properly. And even then, they don’t work at peak performance until they are fine-tuned after proper installation. You may be asking yourself, “doesn’t every HVAC contractor design and install HVAC systems properly?” No. We wish they…

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clean the air in your home

Do I Really NEED to Purchase Indoor Air Quality Products?

You’ve probably heard of different filters, products, and gadgets that make big promises about how they can benefit your health and wellness. And are wondering if these air quality products are a necessity or just a scam to get you to spend money? It may surprise you to find out how effective they can be.…

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how often do I change my ac filter

Help Your Air Conditioner Cool Your Home with These 7 Tips

Your air conditioner works hard to cool your home all summer long – especially in this heart-of-Texas heat. But, what have you done for your AC lately? You don’t get mad at your car when it runs out of gas, do you? No, you simply make sure to fill the tank so that issue doesn’t…

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heat pump efficiency ratings

Efficiency Ratings for Heat Pumps

What you need to know about Heat pump efficiency ratings (SEER, EER, and HSPF) You’ve probably seen SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) referenced when shopping for a heat pump efficiency. In fact, many companies will try to sell you a heat pump based solely on its SEER rating. While a good heat pump SEER rating…

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buy ac brand

What AC Brand Should I Buy?

We often get asked questions, like…  “What brand of air conditioner should I consider buying?”, “What’s the best brand?”, and, “Which AC Unit Should I Choose?” Our answers to these questions usually catch people by surprise, “It’s not about the brand of air conditioner, but rather about picking the right contractor to install and service…

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