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Block the heat not the view!

Even more than having new windows (which have a poor payback in Texas), installing proper solar shading is critical for comfort and energy efficiency in the hot Texas sun. It is well established that adding solar screens or films to older windows is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce summer heat gain from the sun. Solar window screens or films deflect the sun's warmth and glare before it makes its way into your home. The result is that your home will be comfortable during summer and your energy usage will decline.

Our solar screens are made from high quality materials and meet Austin Energy specifications. We offer a variety of frame colors to match your home, as well as custom shapes for unique window sizes.

Solar Window Screens deflect the sun's warmth and glare before it hits your windows, significantly reducing any chance of extra high temperatures in your rooms. By eliminating the extra high temperature from coming through your window and door openings with Solar Screens – your Air Conditioner works less, and you reduce your electric bill.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy and The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that a home or building with solar screen shading can require up to 50% less energy to keep it cool, and may represent the single most cost effective way of controlling extra high temperatures and lowering utility expenses in your home or business.

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