Free Second Opinion on HVAC Replacements

Hey Austin homeowners, looking for a second opinion on your HVAC system replacement?

Are you feeling uneasy about the advice another company gave you on the health of your AC or heating system? Does the diagnosis of your problem seem extreme?

We started the McCullough Free Second Opinion service after repeatedly hearing stories of malicious advice. Customers were being told they must replace their AC system when a repair is all that was needed.

Whether these recommendations from other contractors come from a place of bad intent or they simply don’t know how to repair the unit, we don’t know. What we DO know is that these unscrupulous tactics give the whole industry a bad name. What’s worse? They are costing Austin homeowners thousands of dollars.

Second Opinion on HVAC Quotes

Contact us for a free second opinion on HVAC replacement. We’ll take a look at your system and provide our opinion about your best options. Our team is a home-grown Austin business, serving families in the area since 1977. We specialize solely in HVAC services, hire and retain the best technicians in the area, and we always prioritize repairing a system over replacement.

Trust Your Gut! Get a Second Opinion.

Feeling like something isn’t adding up? Spidey sense on high alert? More likely than not, you’re right to feel like something is amiss. We are happy to come by and validate or void the advice you were given.

When should you get a 2nd opinion

  • When the technician pushes for a system replacement and it seems to be working mostly okay
  • Your system has been condemned and it is less than 10 yrs old
  • If the estimate seems extreme
  • When the technician can’t explain the problem, there is no evidence or they are skirting your questions
  • You feel like you are being sold or lied to
  • When a technician suggests a specific size replacement system and they did not perform a manual J load calculation.
Often the issue is simply a mistaken diagnosis by the HVAC contractor and not an issue of poor character. But just as often the contractor’s advice is wrong and their prices are much higher than average. Either way, we want to help you sort it out and feel comfortable with your options.

What You Should Expect from an HVAC Estimate

HVAC Estimate

Securing quotes for a new HVAC system can be a long and arduous process. HVAC contractors that take your replacement project seriously will need to visit your home for evaluation of system sizing and design. Unfortunately, this is just not something we can do over the phone. We are always considerate to our clients by showing up on-time, explaining your options, and avoiding scammy or high-pressure sales tactics.

Every family has different needs. In Austin, we find a lot of homeowners are interested in eco-friendly options like ultra-high efficiency systems. Still, we also give options for more economical systems as well – so that you always have a choice.

Reputable HVAC contractors will have solid business practices in place like the ones we have here at McCullough:

  • Ask the customer about their wants and needs — and actually listen.
  • Always share information about money-saving couponsAustin Energy 
    and manufacturer rebates, tax credits, and financing options.
  • Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Use the highest-quality products available.
  • Background check all of our employees and never subcontract out work.
  • Double-check every installation with a quality check by an experienced installer.
  • Knowledgeable about Austin’s code and permit requirements.
  • Licensed, certified, and insured.

We want you to feel confident in your decision to repair or replace your AC/heating system

Before you commit to a full system replacement, give us a call. We are happy to provide a free 2nd opinion to ensure you have a proper diagnosis of your HVAC system. This service is provided to you at no charge* and you are under no obligation to use McCullough Heating and Air. We want to make sure you know all your available repair options, ROI of repair vs. replacement and make sure your heating or cooling estimate is fair and accurate.

There are over 600 registered HVAC companies in Austin…. have you hired the one that will act in your best interest? At McCullough, we like to sleep well at night knowing we have lived up to our high standards of business integrity, treated our clients with respect and completed an honest day’s work.

AC Replacement Austin

To schedule your FREE second opinion from McCullough, call (512) 280-0011

*The small print: To receive a free 2nd opinion, you must have a written proposal or invoice from another registered HVAC company.
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