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HVAC Financing Options for Austin Homeowners

At McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that no time is a good time to replace your HVAC. An under-performing home comfort system is bad enough, but having to drain your savings account just adds insult to injury. But it’s not all gloom and doom - there are many financing options available to make your new home comfort system affordable.

Finance Your HVAC System with the Carrier Credit Card

Powered by Wells Fargo, the Carrier Credit Card offers you the ability to buy your new HVAC system today and pay for it over the long-term. You’ll score 60 months (that’s 5 years!) of 0% interest financing. With a flexible monthly payment schedule and easy-to-pay online account management, the Carrier Credit Card could not make your system upgrade any easier. It’s a revolving line of credit you can continue to use as you pay it off. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is comfortable, and your bank account is, too.

Other Ways to Finance Your HVAC System

We also recommend looking into these alternate options for financing a new HVAC system:

If you need help exploring your options, determining your eligibility or securing financing for your system, talk to us. We walk our customers through every step and can help you analyze the terms of any financing option you choose.

Why Finance Your HVAC Replacement?

Financing makes a large purchase much easier to swallow. Instead of paying up-front for the entire price of the equipment, you split your purchase into small monthly payments. This way, you can afford to replace your home comfort system sooner rather than later. Here are some more benefits to HVAC financing:

  • Get it Now - We hear the same thing repeatedly: “I just can’t afford a new HVAC right now.” Here’s something you may not think about: your old, inefficient system will cost you in other ways. Repair costs, high energy bills, and sleepless nights from a noisy unit… it adds up. With HVAC financing, you can stop putting off this important home improvement project and get a new, energy-efficient system today.
  • More Choices - If you don’t finance a car, your choices in a new ride are limited to the balance on your bank account. Financing gives you the flexibility to explore options that offer improved reliability, performance, and technology features. The same goes for cooling and heating systems. When you finance your HVAC, you can shop around and choose the best solution for your home.
  • Keep Your Savings - We get it. No one wants to spend their money on a new HVAC system. A large purchase like a cooling or heating unit can really drain your savings account. With financing, you can pay for your new HVAC system over time… and use that hard-earned for that dream vacation!
  • Maximize Your Savings with Financing and Rebates

    Have you heard about HVAC rebates? If you’ve been exploring other HVAC companies in the area, they may not have told you about this money-saving opportunity. Rebates are really similar to coupons on the grocery store - it’s an incentive to purchase specific products. Many times, rebates can make top-of-the-line equipment very affordable. And - you can combine financing offers with these incentive programs. This approach can make your overall cost of buying a system much, much lower. McCullough is THE expert in securing HVAC rebates in Austin - if you want to save the most cash, stop looking! We’re your team.

    Do You Have HVAC Cost Questions? Contact Us

    We offer free second opinions on HVAC replacements to all homeowners in Austin. Beyond financing, we also offer rebates, weatherization incentives, and bona fide savings through our Comfort Club maintenance program. There are tons of ways to save on HVAC systems, components, repairs, ongoing maintenance, and energy efficiency. Speak with one of our experts today to find out how you can save on the home comfort equipment and services you need.