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An Austin Original Since 1977

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning

McCullough has operated with exceptional business ethics, quality, and expertise since 1977, earning a spot among both Austin and national leaders in home comfort services and energy conservation.

McCullough is well-respected in the Austin community because of our work with local non-profits, our partnership with the City of Austin, and the thousands of residents we have helped.

We have a reputation for excellence, but don’t be misled – we’re not the most expensive brand on the block. In fact, it’s our depth of understanding in the HVAC business, and our commitment to keeping things honest, that equips us to offer consistently fair prices to our customers.

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McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning Is….



If your furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or ductless system is emitting odors, don’t delay. Our customers report everything from sulfuric or chemical smells,

to hot or burning smells. Many are harmless, and it’s normal to experience certain smells when a system is used for the first time after idling. However, it’s important to troubleshoot your system if it’s emitting odors.
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Our team is thoughtful and intuitive, with the ability to anticipate customer needs and troubleshoot issues before they escalate. We take a whole-home approach

during every maintenance visit, repair, or installation because we’re committed to home comfort, totally.
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We are honest. We welcome your questions and feedback. We’re transparent about our prices, what to expect from us during a visit, and how to get the most from 

our systems and services. Clarity keeps our customers confident.
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Local First

We only serve Austin because this is the city that made us. We’re focused on the needs of Austin homeowners specifically, and we are keyed into what’s important to our neighbors.

We have decades of experience serving generations of Austin families. Like our city, the McCullough team is quirky, personable, and diverse.
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We check on every concern and answer every question. We are not just service experts, but business experts. Our processes are streamlined, we’re efficient and informed,

and we’re committed to your comfort.
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The McCullough Difference

McCullough is a household name in Austin, not because of what we’re capable of, but because of how much we care. Yes, we do what we say we’re going to do. Yes, our technicians are highly skilled, deeply experienced, and well-trained. But, that’s not why we have customers who have been with us for multiple decades. It’s because we treat the entirety of Austin (and our surrounding ‘burbs!) as family.

We don’t compete on price. We don’t compete with tactics or gimmicks. We serve our neighbors with value and care. That’s how it’s always been.

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We Can't Wait To Meet You!

Ready to experience truly stress-free HVAC care? The whole team at McCullough can’t WAIT to get to know you better. Drop us a line any time to get your HVAC needs met and make a friend for life. Don’t call a stranger, call McCullough!
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