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McCullough Heating And Air Conditioning Is The Leading Provider Of Air Conditioning Installations And Heating System Upgrades. With Us, You’ll Get:

A properly sized, well-configured system • Fast, yet comprehensive installation • Rebates and financing, handled by our team • A dedicated Comfort Consultant at every step If you’re in need of heating repair or AC repair, call us. You’ll enjoy an efficient home visit with a highly-skilled technician, and we’ll enjoy getting to the bottom of your discomfort, fast!

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How Do I Know I Need To Replace
My AC?

Do You Need A New HVAC System?

You may be wondering: Is it really time to replace my system, or can I get away with another repair? As you weigh your options, consider the following signs that you may need to replace your HVAC system:

Frequent, Costly Repairs

If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on HVAC repairs, it is time to consider how that investment could serve you better. A new system can be financed at a comfortable monthly rate that allows you to spend less and ensure the home comfort and efficiency you’re looking for. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a new system, under warranty

Consistently Poor Performance

Your HVAC system should be out of sight and out of mind. If you have to wrestle with your thermostat or troubleshoot system components, your system isn’t doing its job for you. Instead of all that stress, why not set yourself free? A new heating or AC installation would help you lessen the worry of when that next system breakdown will happen.

Outdated System Or Components

If your system is over 12 years old, it may be time to replace it. Systems with a low SEER rating can’t offer you the energy efficiency or performance that newer systems will. We’re also replacing systems that use R22/Freon, as it is an expensive refrigerant that’s being phased out within the industry. If you suspect that your system meets any of these criteria, speak with one of our Comfort Consultants today.

Lifestyle And Home Changes

If your family is spending more time at home, growing in size, or changing in needs, your current system may not be enough. Any time you make big family, lifestyle, or household changes, it’s wise to analyze whether or not your HVAC system can keep up. Some homes were built with poorly-sized systems, too. The truth is that the size of your HVAC system matters greatly to long-term performance and comfort. Our experts can evaluate and help you upgrade.

It’s The Off-Season

The best time to buy a new system is during the spring and fall, or what HVAC experts call “the off-season”. When your heating and cooling systems aren’t in peak use, it’s more affordable to replace them, and less stressful, too!

Fast Service. Fair Pricing, Too.

If you do suspect that you’re in need of a new heating or air conditioning system, it’s important to work with experts who are accessible and affordable. However, you also want to get the best service, experience, and performance. At McCullough, we’re passionate about finding the balance between what you get and how you feel. We promise to offer the following:

Fast Service

With 24/7 emergency repair services, flexible and reliable service call times, and easy access by phone and online, the McCullough team is always on call. We take pride in our ability to

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Fair Pricing

Our goal isn’t to be the most affordable service provider in Austin. Instead, it’s to give you the best value for the best price. To us, those are different. We don’t defer one customer to prioritize another.

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We know that HVAC systems and components can be expensive. As homeowners ourselves, we also understand that this investment may come as a surprise for you.

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With McCullough, you’ll be informed about every possible option to save, including manufacturer and seasonal HVAC rebates, as well as weatherization incentives from Austin Energy for

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Our Pricing Is Set, Certain, And Backed By An Efficient Process.


We Do Rebates On AC And Heating Equipment The Right Way

Our approach to rebates is a major part of what separates McCullough in the industry. We’ve helped hundreds of customers save thousands of dollars because we go above and beyond. It’s our goal to secure every savings and rebate on the AC and heating equipment you need.

We Determine Your Eligibility

One of the biggest hassles to HVAC rebates is figuring out which ones are available and how to determine your eligibility for them. Why should that be your job? We’re the industry experts, so allow us to do the hard work for you.

We Jump Through Hoops For You

We’ll handle all your HVAC rebate paperwork. We’ve been doing this long enough to streamline the process well and ensure nothing gets dropped. You can rely on McCullough to advocate for you.

We Connect You with Every Opportunity to Save

While many contractors won’t offer City of Austin rebates because of the demanding process, we will. Consider us your rebate superhero! We are experts on rebates and we’re delighted to make things easier on you.

We’re a top Austin Energy Registered Contractor

We’re not just talking manufacturer rebates here. As a Registered Contractor with Austin Energy, we also offer weatherization services that could earn you thousands in incentive rebates. We’ve saved Austin residents literally millions of dollars through the program.

We’ll Service The Rest. We Install The Best.

When you upgrade or replace your HVAC system with McCullough, you’ll get a best-in-class HVAC system from the highest quality brands in the industry. We are proud partners to both Carrier and Mitsubishi. These are companies that share our values and match our level of service integrity and respect for you. We’ll work on and repair any system on the market, but we only choose the best for heating and AC installs in Austin.

To schedule a no-obligation conversation with a McCullough Comfort Consultant, contact us today.

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