Air conditioner Replacement

Do You Need A New Air Conditioner?

A New Air Conditioner Installation Is Easier And More Affordable With McCullough. Here’s How:

We Size It Right

Improper system sizing can cause all kinds of issues. Your system won’t reach its performance potential or use energy efficiently without it, but most contractors

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We Install It Smarter

The quality of your new HVAC system’s installation is as important as the quality of the system itself. Without a proper installation, your system will never 

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We Score Savings

We offer rebates that other contractors don’t because we’re willing to do the extra work that others won’t. Let us handle your rebates for you,

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We've Kept Austin Cool For Over 40 Years


Air Conditioner Installation And Replacement In Austin

At McCullough, you’ll find true experts in HVAC installation. Every HVAC team will have the skills to install your system, but few will do it well. There’s an art and a science to sizing your HVAC system properly for your home, working efficiently and accurately, and assuring quality and performance at every turn. Those are things we promise for every AC installation. These promises aren’t gimmicks for McCullough, they’re principles we work and live by. When you invest in a new air conditioner, you’ll want to feel certain that repairs will be few, energy bills will be low, and routine maintenance will stay that way.

We can help you find your perfect new air conditioner. You have some choices, and we offer them all:

  • Traditional, central air conditioner – the same AC you know and love
  • Heat pump – combine your AC and furnace into one system for simple maintenance
  • Ductless – the ultimate in energy saving and comfort

It isn’t just about the air conditioner though, is it? You want to know that your HVAC service provider is going to treat you well. Your time is precious, your money is vital, and you deserve peace of mind. Let’s give you some of all of that back, shall we?

McCullough Comfort Consultants, technicians, and customer service representatives are trained to understand your needs, provide answers, and usher you to the solutions you’re looking for. You can count on us to help you find financing, score rebates, and hey – we’ll even fill out your paperwork.

AC Repair Austin

We Install The Best. We’ll Service The Rest.

McCullough technicians will happily work on any brand of residential air conditioner. We are well-trained and specialized to perform repairs and routine maintenance on any brand of air conditioners, heat pumps, or ductless systems.

McCullough is also partners with Mitsubishi and with Carrier. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with Carrier and have won awards for our excellence in service. We align with companies that put people first, refuse to cut corners, and strive for excellence and value in our industry. We only install the best systems because we respect those companies and because we will only advocate for what our customers deserve.

Did You Know?

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is backed by Carrier

You owe it to yourself to get a no-obligation quote. You might be surprised at how affordable it is to upgrade during the pre-season and enjoy all the benefits of a new high-efficiency, variable speed system.

We Are Austin’s Air Conditioning Experts

You want to feel cool when it’s as hot as blazes outside, and that’s it. We get it! We love this stuff, so you don’t have to. Stop your research and contact us today for your air conditioner replacement, upgrade, or installation.

We are Austin. We are HVAC.

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