Multi-Family HVAC Contractor in Austin, TX

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning provides high-quality HVAC installation services for multi-family residential properties in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Since 1977, our team has been working right here in the local Austin area to provide multi-family investors and property owners with the high-value, high-integrity heating and cooling equipment replacement and installation services.

With knowledge, experience, and a well-trained team of installation crews, McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning can provide professional, turnkey HVAC installation services to multi-family properties like apartment complexes, condo buildings, townhomes, dormitories, and assisted living facilities.

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning is a long-standing registered contractor in Austin Energy’s energy conservation programs and has secured millions of dollars in cash rebates for clients. For example, the owners of a property where McCullough performed a recent HVAC equipment replacement and energy efficiency upgrade project will receive more than $350,000 in cash energy efficiency rebates from the City of Austin/Austin Energy MultiFamily Rebate Program. In addition to HVAC equipment replacement rebates, the Austin Energy Multifamily Program also offers cash incentives that pay up to 100% of the cost for energy saving: HVAC tune-ups, LED light bulbs, HVAC duct sealing, attic insulation, water-saving devices, solar screens, and more.

If you are considering a multi-family property HVAC replacement project in the Austin area, the McCullough team can help you learn about cash rebates that may be available. We can even take care of required paperwork and inspections for you.

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Apartment and Condo Heating and Cooling Units

We offer a variety of HVAC systems for our multi-family projects. For replacement and installation projects, we install the best! As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we can offer a full range of product offerings at competitive prices. We understand that every property will have different priorities and budgets. Carrier’s Comfort Series is the most economical option that still provides energy-efficient cooling, strong warranties, and local parts availability. Carrier’s Infinity series air conditioners and heat pumps offer the industry’s highest degree of comfort management, with leading energy efficiency ratings and ultra-quiet operation – perfect for owner occupied properties looking for the best. 

Multi Family HVAC Contractor in Austin, TX

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning provides high-quality HVAC installations for multi-family residential development in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor for Multi-Family Properties

From our 40+ years of experience installing and servicing HVAC units in Austin, we know that not every HVAC contractor is suited for multifamily work.

Multi-family HVAC work can be challenging because each property has many individual units (and with it, many individual residents) and there are unique requirements that must be followed. At McCullough, we fully understand working with residents, the importance of providing notices, and keeping the property management and office team informed. It’s no secret that everyone who lives in Austin considers reliable and efficient cooling and heating key to living a comfortable and enjoyable life at home. That means when there are cooling or heating problems, it’s often the property manager’s problem to solve. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choice of HVAC contractor – you need a replacement team you can rely on. 

McCullough is not just any air conditioning company. We’re local-to-Austin experts in home comfort systems. We have a sterling reputation among both customers and industry partners, and have decades of experience working with local utilities. When you trust our team with your multi-family HVAC installation project, you can rely on us to do things right the first time. That means you can get back to what you’re best at: managing your property.

When you choose McCullough Heating & Air, you can feel confident about the quality of work and the quality of service, because we take pride in what we do. Plus, we are committed to supporting Austin by partnering with local nonprofits. We live here, so we give here. If you’re ready to work with the true Austin HVAC professionals, call our team: 512-280-0011.

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