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I have a floor furnace now and want to add central air & heat. What will this cost?

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Can I switch from floor furnace heating to central air & heat?

Of course. We provide this service to people often. Sometimes older homes or commercial businesses were built with heat capabilities but without central air conditioning and heat. These days, central air and smart thermostat control isn’t seen as a luxury but as a staple of comfort. If your home or business needs central air and heat, consider making the switch! You will experience a new level of temperature control and comfort like never before with better capabilities for humidity control, zoning, and – bonus – your energy bills will see the impact, too.

How much will the central heating and air conditioning system cost?

Determining a quote for your central air conditioning installation project requires us to come to your property and consult with you. Each installation is different and the requirements that your home may have for ductwork placement, power, and other needs may result in a simpler or more complex project for our installation team. That said, we aim to keep costs low by offering off-season deals and other promotions so check back often to get the best rate.

Why Can’t I Find a Flat-Rate Cost for HVAC Installation?

Generally, the cost of installing a new central heat and air system will depend on the following things:

  1. How involved it is to run ductwork, as needed
  2. Time and complexity to install the equipment
  3. Requirements to connect the flue (or install a new flue)
  4. Ease of connecting the gas & electric
  5. Other considerations specific to your property

As part of our quotation process, McCullough Heating & Air will calculate the heating & cooling load for your home to determine the proper size of equipment, ductwork, flue, electrical, etc.

Normally, the investment for a new central heating and air conditioning system will run between $4,900 and $7,900. It is important to keep in mind that your investment in a new central comfort system will generally increase the value and marketability of your home and save you money on your energy bills. These gains, coupled with the fact that your family deserves to be comfortable at home, make replacing your existing system a no-brainer.

What if I am in a small building where ducts are less convenient?

In the smallest homes and spaces, you may find that a ductless system is a better fit. These systems are noise-free, require no ductwork, and suit small to mid-size homes and spaces with ease. Better yet, they offer heating and cooling for all-season comfort and control. You’ll enjoy ductless if your home does not require multi-zoning and is under 1,000 square feet. Further, you will save even MORE on energy bills than the already-efficient central system.

The best part of working with McCullough to replace your heating and air conditioning is that we customize solutions to your needs. We understand that your home, your lifestyle, and your priorities are all unique to you and we make sure to walk you through options until you’re comfortable and confident in your purchase.


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