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Should I replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time?

should I do a full replacement at one time

Should you replace both your furnace AND your AC at the same time? To be honest, it depends.

What’s Your Timeline? If you plan to replace your heating and your air conditioning within a few years of one another, you may want to just do it all at once. Special warranties, rebates, and financing (available with approved credit) that are often available with a complete system may not be available to you if you’re only replacing one part of your system.

Does the *Look* Matter to You? If your heating and air conditioning are installed at the same time, the coil cabinet (part of the air conditioner that sits on top of the furnace) will match the furnace in color & style.

Are You Selling? If you are planning to sell your home at any point in the near future, an entirely new replacement may afford you a higher offer on your home. However, you may only reap the benefits of your new syste, for a short time. Further, you may then move to an older home which needs an HVAC system replacement, and then you’re going through the process all over again. You have to decide what is financially beneficial to you.

The system will operate just fine whether the heating element and the cooling element are installed at the same time or not. We will make sure that what we install for you is compatible to any unit that stays in the home. Therefore, it comes down to a question of convenience and economics.

It’s winter and I need a new furnace and air conditioner. Should I wait until spring to buy a new air conditioner?

If you need to install an air conditioner in the next 24 months, you want to have it installed with the furnace. In Austin, you may qualify for substantial cash rebates, financing*, and extended warranties when you replace your whole central heating and AC system. Also, if you do install only a furnace or only a condenser, it is important to have a reputable contractor that knows how to install disparate components to work in harmony. Generally, the off-season is the best time to install home comfort systems. Demand is lower, rebates and bonuses are higher and your attic is a more pleasant place to work in the winter vs. the summer.

It’s summer and I need a new air conditioner. Should I install a new furnace too?

There are many things to consider here. Similar to the question above, if you think you need to replace your furnace in the next 24 months, you should install it with the air conditioner. This is a complete-system approach and results in a smooth installation. With the new higher efficiency system you may qualify for cash rebates, financing*, and far better warranties. As compared to replacing one component at a time.

If you install only a furnace or a condenser, it is important to have a reputable contractor that knows how to properly match the equipment for efficiency. Mixing and matching components can be tricky as HVAC equipment. If your furnace is getting old, you should have the heat exchanger checked for “cracks”. If cracks exist, replace your equipment immediately. Cracks in the heat exchanger or furnace may allow dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can make you suddenly ill and even cause death in humans and pets.

*financing available with approved credit.

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