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How many bids should I get before I decide on a new system?

Buying a New System is a BIG Deal

Since HVAC systems last 10-12 years, and because people move around and change their residence often, most people only buy a couple of HVAC systems in their entire lives. Inexperience combined with the sheer cost of a new system – most ranging in the $6,000 and up cost bracket – can cause apprehension for homeowners who need to replace their HVAC system. This process becomes so much easier when you work with a contractor who knows the market, understands your needs, and talks you through the entire install. However, finding this person or team is easier said than done.

Choosing a Great Contractor Takes Careful Vetting

You are inviting a person to come into your home, tamper with heavy equipment, effectively heat and cool your home, charge you appropriately for the service, and do so with a smile. That’s the expectation you should have for the right HVAC contractor and that’s the expectation we have for all of the technicians we hire at McCullough. Some other companies have these standards, too. Some don’t. For your family’s wellness, safety, budget, and comfort – you NEED to have high standards. If every HVAC company in Austin has a nice website and a few decent reviews – how do you choose the best of the best? Among other things – including price and the *feel* of the conversation you have – the company you choose should offer you:

  • Years of experience
  • NATE certified technicians
  • Affiliations with EnergyStar, Austin Energy, and ACCA
  • Excellent testimonials on and off their own website
  • Deals, savings, and rebates for you
  • A dedication to customer service

It’s important to call around and really do your research. It’s important to get bids or quotes from a few different companies and consider MORE about that quote than the bottom dollar price – what kind of assurance does each company give that they can do the work quickly and effectively, that they have the expertise and that they will treat you well?

We Help You Feel READY to Purchase

Three bids are generally enough to tell the difference between Bad, Good, and Perfect. If McCullough is servicing your current system, or if we have installed equipment for you in the past, you should be comfortable in obtaining a proposal from McCullough. Once you do, you’ll decide if you want to take a couple of other bids. It won’t hurt our feelings if you do! But, if we may make a suggestion, another way to obtain several bids without the effort is to call current customers that have had a system installed recently and ask why they chose McCullough (your comfort consultant can give you a list of customers).

If you are ready to take our relationship to the next level with a robust and customized installation of a brand new system, let us know. We thought you’d never ask! We are happy to provide a bid for your project that is comprehensive, informed, and leaves room for you to ask the questions you need answered. That’s all part of making sure you feel ready and excited to upgrade your HVAC system – instead of fearful, unsure, or frustrated. Call us today: (512) 866-9821

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