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I Can’t Afford Cheap

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We all want a good deal, but when the price is too good to be true, there are often consequences for not digging deeper. My Grandmother always said, “I can’t afford cheap”. At the time that didn’t make a lick of sense to me but as I grew older I realized how wise she was. She simply meant that cheap isn’t always the best long-term choice and that making an investment up front can be the smarter choice in the long run. What a smart lady.

Grandma would be proud of the business we’ve built here at McCullough. Our services are priced comparable to our competitors to make sure we can afford to hire the best technicians and offer the best we can provide to our customers. However, we also do everything we can to provide deals and rebates to help cushion your budget.

When it comes to the systems themselves, however, we don’t control the price of the unit – the manufacturers and distributors control those prices. HVAC system pricing can really vary from unnecessarily expensive to suspiciously cheap. Our recommendation is to invest in a good system and be sure to consider the quality first, then the price. The risks of choosing the bottom dollar system can be major:

Cheap systems don’t work as well.

Like with most machines and products, the cheapest HVAC system does not work as well as a more mid-range or elite system. Your home will not be heated or cooled as evenly, reliably, or with as much consistency. The fact is, though, even the cheapest HVAC system is still thousands of dollars plus the cost of installation. Don’t put this much money into something that isn’t going to do what you need.

Cheap systems fail when you need them most.

A cheaper system is also more likely to break down sooner and then more frequently throughout its life. Builders grade or cheaper systems are less robust and have a lesser capacity for heavy use. Even if the first months of your new, cheap system are just fine, you will always have to anticipate a breakdown. Once the system breaks down, it will continue to do so.

Cheap systems cost more to repair.

You might not think so, but the repairs on your cheap system could cost just as much if not more than repairs on a more high dollar system. First of all, you are almost certain to require MORE repairs on a cheaper system, but also – the repairs are more likely to be true component disasters instead of little, unexpected inefficiencies. If the system is cheap for a manufacturer and distributor to sell, it was cheaper to make, too!

Cheap systems have a lower life expectancy.

It’s just like any other product you buy – a more expensive laptop will last more years in working condition than a cheap laptop and the same is (generally) true for phones, kitchenwear, and even pairs of jeans. You don’t have to pay top dollar to get great quality and a good, long life but your cheap system won’t make the cut.

Cheap systems are less efficient.

You won’t find a cheap system that offers 16 SEER efficiency or which operates with a low impact to your energy bill. Cheaper systems were put together more haphazardly which causes them to have seam leaks, they require more energy to do the bare minimum for your home, and they will cost an increase in your bills.

Cheap systems offer fewer rebates or warranty benefits.

Less prominent manufacturers offer fewer cutbacks because they can’t afford to, and bigger household-name companies don’t put their best warranty deals on their cheaper systems because they know the systems will break down more often. This is business.

At McCullough Heating & Air, our goal is to find the right system that fits your square footage that will deliver the comfort benefits you need. No more. No less. Choosing a system based on the price alone will never ensure that it fits everything else you need in an upgrade. We will make sure that your system meets your budget needs AND comfort preferences. Schedule with us today (512) 866-9821 !

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