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The Right Questions to Ask

what do I need to ask about HVAC

The Right Questions to Ask When Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Choosing the right contractor means asking the right questions. This short video explains the basic questions you should always ask, and what the answers should be!

  • Are your technicians NATE certified?
    NATE certification is the industry’s standard for technician excellence. You should never accept anything less. This rigorous certification program is rigorous and serves as a third-party verification that you have the best of the best coming into your home to heat and cool your space.
  • Do you offer continuing education to your employees?
    This industry changes rapidly. Ask the contractor to describe their training program. Be sure that the company you decide to work with offers professional development opportunities or that the individual technician who will be coming to your home will be up on the latest best practices, regulations, and products.
  • Can you provide local references?
    Get the names of neighbors who have used the company’s services, and then follow up with them. Any company can put fake or real testimonials on their website but having a two-way conversation with real homeowners in your area will give you the peace of mind you deserve before you invite a technician into your home.
  • Do you offer a service agreement plan?
    Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently and lasts longer. Any contractor should value ongoing maintenance and be able to speak to why it matters, how it benefits you as a homeowner, and what sorts of plans they have in place to make maintenance hands-free for homeowners.
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  • Are you properly licensed?
    Unfortunately, every state, city, or county could have different contractor licensing rules. Ask for proof! An unlicensed contractor will not have the same liability protection, experience, know-how, or support from the industry. Licensure is part of what proves that your contractor is dedicated to his or her career, has the knowledge and experience you deserve, and can do the job well.
  • Do you follow the industry standards?
    Make sure your contractor knows what “Manual J” and “Quality Installation” are, just for a start. You don’t want to hire someone who can tinker around with tools but doesn’t know the proper process and procedure for installing, repairing, or routinely maintaining your equipment. The stakes are just too high!
  • What sorts of rebates or savings can you offer?
    At McCullough, we pride ourselves on a robust savings plan that includes cutbacks on pricing, smart warranties, and rebates to keep your budget on track. Other companies offer these things too but not ALL companies are concerned with saving the customer any money. Be wary and ask questions. Make sure that the company you choose has YOUR best interests in mind.
  • What accreditation, affiliation, or other verification do you have?
    The best HVAC companies are serious about the industry and, as such, they work closely with other organizations who serve homeowners. You should trust a company who works with Energy Star, ACCA, and local energy initiatives to provide the best and most evolved experience.

McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud member of ACCA (The Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association)


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