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Weatherization: What is it, and Why is it Important in Austin

Austin Home Weatherization

If you own a house here in Austin, Texas, there’s a buzz word you might have heard a time or two: weatherization. So, what is weatherization?

Weatherization, sometimes called weather proofing, is a home improvement process that improves a home’s protection against the outdoor elements.

Why should I weatherize my home?

One of the main benefits of weatherization is reduced energy consumption. A house that has been weather-proofed does not require as much heating or cooling. Since HVAC is one of the biggest energy consuming devices in your home, weatherization can make a big impact.

Weatherization can also improve system performance. Sometimes, your air conditioner and heater can be in perfect working order, but your home still doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s not a repair that’s needed—it’s weatherization.

Another reason to weatherproof your home is to prevent mold and other moisture hazards. The humidity in Austin can soar. Keeping that moisture out of your house can do wonders down the road.

Finally, weatherization is simply good practice. It improves the integrity of your home – ensuring that your family will have fewer problems is the future. Thinking of selling sometime soon? Implementing weatherization changes will reduce the chance of any surprises on the home inspection report.

So… what does it mean to weather-proof my home?

Weatherization is an umbrella term that encompasses all sorts of home improvement measures. Some of the most common weatherization techniques are:

  • Insulate the building shell by adding insulation to the walls, ceilings, attic, and/or foundation.
  • Ductwork repair such as sealing, fixing poor transitions, and fully insulating ductwork to ensure all the cooled or warm air makes it to your living spaces.
  • Improve window performance by sealing any cracks, adding a window film or solar shade, or installing an exterior awning to add shade.

If these sound like normal home repairs, you’re right! The fact is that all homes need at least one or two repairs.  But the fixes that fall under the category of weatherization are proven to have a long-term positive impact on the efficiency and safety of a home.

Weatherization can encompass many more home improvement measures – these are just a few.

Get a home energy audit to prioritize your weatherization efforts

Here at McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that our HVAC repairs and installations are even more successful when paired with proper weather proofing techniques. That’s why we offer weatherization services to our Austin customers. Our team of experts can help with the whole gamut of weatherization efforts, from attic insulation to duct sealing.

We suggest you start with a home energy audit to determine what measures would benefit your home the most. Our team is well-trained in weather-proofing, and we carry all the necessary certifications to perform this type of work. A McCullough Comfort Advisor will study your home and provide guidance on the steps you can take to ensure peak performance and comfort.

And, if your house is over 10 years old and you are an Austin Energy customer, you might qualify for a local incentive program that includes a free energy audit. Be sure to ask us!

Schedule an appointment online now or call us at (512) 866-9821 to get started.

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