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HVAC Rebates for Austin Homeowners

Austin HVAC Rebates

Aside from tacos, being weird, and live music, Austin is also one of the greenest cities in the country. In fact, in 2017, Architectural Digest named Austin the greenest city in America. From maintaining our many beautiful city parks to promoting energy efficiency, low waste and low emissions (scooter commuters), it’s evident that Austin is committed to eco-consciousness.

This is why we’re proud to offer Austinites multiple ways to implement greener practices at home. HVAC rebates are designed to reward conscious Austin residents for making smarter, energy-efficient HVAC purchases. On high-efficiency models, Austin residents could qualify for Federal Tax Credits, Austin Energy Rebate (for Austin Energy customers only), and/or manufacturer rebates.

At McCullough, we’re honored to be chosen as one of Austin Energy’s select partners in offering HVAC rebates on new, high-efficiency systems. McCullough alone has saved Austin over $2M in the past decade through Austin Energy and Texas gas rebates. 

We also work with our customers to identify which products fall under specific manufacturer rebate qualifications and energy-star qualifications. This maximizes your investment and keeps Austin green.

Here’s what you’ll need to know about which rebates are available in Central Texas and how to qualify for a rebate on a quality system that suits your home’s needs.

Austin Heating & Air Conditioner Rebates

There’s no avoiding the facts: your new HVAC system won’t be cheap. However, there are a lot of ways you can reduce costs so that you can afford the best possible system for you, your home, and the environment. Many rebates (and other opportunities to save!) exist to help you afford this essential piece of equipment and incentives to help you maintain an energy-efficient home.

You can earn up to $4400 in rebates just for replacing your system. 

Explore these options:

Manufacturer Rebates 

While we service all systems, we prioritize installing only the best systems on the market.

We are proud to be a Carrier Authorized Factory Dealer and to partner with Carrier to bring you fantastic manufacturer rebates. When you choose to purchase a Carrier system, we can help you assess your eligibility for their seasonal manufacturer’s rebates, apply and fill out all documents on your behalf, and route your savings directly to you!

Mitsubishi Ductless

Thinking of going ductless? You can save up to $900 in rebates when you have a new Mitsubishi ductless system installed in your home. These systems are already more affordable to install, owing to their lack of ductwork, and they use 25-40% less energy to maintain your home’s temperature. For homes where ductless is a viable option, it’s a good one. As with all of our savings and rebates, we’ll do the heavy-lifting to determine your eligibility, fill out your paperwork, and get your cash to you, fast!

Austin Energy Rebates

McCullough is proud to partner with Austin Energy to help Austin save the planet, and save money at the same time. By partnering with Austin Energy, we get to pass those savings on to you in the form of rebates related to your home’s energy usage. Together, we hope to incentivize you to make eco-smart decisions for your whole home. You can score a rebate on weatherization – steps we can take to help prevent the loss or overuse of energy through your HVAC system. Austin Energy also offers incentives for home improvements done in an environmentally-prudent way.

We can help you determine your eligibility for these benefits, apply for them on your behalf, and put the correct systems and fixes in place to make your home more energy-efficient. We pass 100% of the savings to you in exchange for your trust in us.

Federal Tax Credits 

Did you know that you can earn a tax credit just for installing a new HVAC system? Many home improvements can help make a dent in your tax liability, but EnergyStar specifically highlights the potential for credit on your federal income tax return. Using Tax Form 5695 — which we can help you fill out — you’ll be able to report the purchase of your new, energy-efficient system to the government. As an incentive for helping us all take care of our planet, you’ll receive a credit on your return.

Note: the Federal Tax Credit benefit only applies if the system replaced is in your primary residence, at an existing home (not a newly built structure) and if the property is non-commercial. Other restrictions apply, but we can talk you through those, too!

How To Utilize HVAC Rebates To Save On New Systems

The typical rebate process feels like a consolation for compromising on the quality of your purchase. Even when you submit it, it’s a hope and prayer that you filled it in right, sent it to the right place and remembered to do it by the deadline.

At McCullough, we work with our customers to go over every detail of the rebate(s) that their purchase qualifies for. Since rebates only apply to top-of-the-line, newer models, we won’t use rebates as a sales tactic, but simply an option to maximize your investment in a quality system that will serve your home for 10+ years.

If your purchase qualifies for a rebate, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • The specific details of the qualification – Certain rebates have qualifying stipulations on not only the new system being purchased but the system that is being replaced. Carefully review the details of your offer with your Austin HVAC technician to know if any unique factors would disqualify your purchase from a rebate and why.
  • Any and all dates and deadlines – Whether you’re submitting the forms or we are, we’ll make sure you know each relevant date in the rebate process for your specific purchase. Some rebates can be combined, but may still have different deadlines set by the individual organizations who are offering them. Call us at any point in the process if you need a reminder about a date or just some extra clarity.
  • When you’ll receive your rebate – While it’s critical not to miss the submission deadline, the date that you’re likely most interested in is when you’ll get your rebate. Rebates should feel like a reward for making responsible choices. There’s nothing rewarding about anxiously anticipating your money. Based on the rebate(s) that you submit and when you submit it/them, we’ll let you know when to expect your rebate!

Call McCullough For HVAC Rebates In Austin…We’ll Even Fill Out The Paperwork!

Whether it’s our home energy audits or the fact that we only stock high-efficiency products, McCullough understands the significance of energy conservation. This is why we’re a preferred partner of Austin Energy. We’ve done so many rebates through Austin Energy that we’ll even fill out the paperwork on your behalf. We’re not offering these rebates because it’s good for business. We’re rewarding energy-efficient purchases because it’s what’s best for our community, and our planet. Contact our team today online, or at (512) 866-9821 to learn more about replacing your HVAC system.

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