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A Guide to HVAC Rebates

HVAC Rebates by McCullough

You may have heard of a money-saving buzzword: REBATES. This term is associated with lots of dollar signs and promises to save you money. But… not everyone is “in the know”, and just because you aren’t familiar with rebates doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of them. That’s why we put together this Guide to HVAC Rebates! ::applause::

What Are HVAC Rebates?

That’s the big question, isn’t it. A rebate is a program where the customer receives a financial incentive (usually cash back) in exchange for making a specific purchase. Here’s an example: you purchase an HVAC system for $8,000, and because that system qualifies for $2,000 in rebates, you receive a check in the mail for the rebate amount of $2,000. Your HVAC system only costs you $6,000 instead of $8,000.

Is your head already spinning? After all – it makes little sense for you to spend money, only to receive it back. Why don’t companies charge $6,000 to begin with? The root of the answer lies in where the incentive money ($2,000 in our example) is coming from. If an HVAC company was offering $2,000 off a system, that would be a discount from the company. Most HVAC rebates come from a third party.

Who Offers HVAC Rebates, and Why?

OK, let’s get technical. Rebates are a lever that organizations can pull to encourage customers to buy specific products, even when those organizations are not the ones doing the selling. In short: it’s a marketing tool.

With HVAC, there are generally two reasons that rebates are offered. The first is to help reduce energy consumption. Heating and cooling is one of the biggest energy sucks. At home, more than half the energy you use in a year is cooling and heating. Individual consumers have a choice of whether to choose energy-efficient air conditioners when it comes time to replace. So, to help sway the decision, a third-party group might offer a rebate on high-SEER products. We frequently see energy-related rebates from local utility companies like Austin Energy. The government – federal, state, and local – sometimes offers efficiency-minded rebates as well.

Another time that rebates are offered is in order to move physical product. These rebates normally come from manufacturers like Carrier and Mitsubishi. There are a lot of reasons why a manufacturer might want equipment to ship; it could be because there is too much inventory, or perhaps it’s a new product they are looking to meet sales goals. It may also be a slower than normal sales season. Whatever the reason, manufacturer rebates are some of the most lucrative.

Are HVAC Rebates a Scam?

We totally understand that rebates can seem scammy. But, our team has been the Austin HVAC Rebate expert for many years and we can promise – it’s legitimate.

One reason Austinites question the authenticity of rebate programs is the constant change in value and deadlines to claim. The truth is that the rebate money has to come from somewhere, and those organizations have limits on how much money they are willing to give away. The value of rebates, the type of products that qualify, and the deadline to claim are all set by these third parties.

Rebate programs are seasonal in nature, with new program requirements and deadlines every time. It’s a lot to keep up with, but we’ve got your back! Our team at McCullough keeps a close watch on all rebate programs and we always know exactly what is available. And, we go the extra step to make sure you get the rebates you qualify for.

How Do I Get My HVAC Rebates?

Once you have purchased a qualifying HVAC system, there is an application process to request your rebate. Here’s the best news: when you work with McCullough, we handle all that paperwork for you. Leave it to us to handle all the pesky forms and phone calls – you’ll just get a check in the mail!

Here’s the typical process we follow for submitting rebates. If you decide to work with another company, you can use this as a checklist.

  • Collect all the rebate forms
  • Collect the necessary information about the HVAC system and the certified installer
  • Submit the rebate request within the specified time frame, and always before the rebate claim deadline
  • Track the rebate approval process
  • Follow up with the organizations as needed
  • Answer any lingering questions from the rebate program administrators
  • Ensure receipt of the rebate, either by mail or direct deposit.

At McCullough, we have dedicated team members that specialize in securing rebates for our customers. When you choose us to replace your air conditioner or furnace, we’ll handle the entire rebate process for you.

What’s The Easiest Way to Get HVAC Rebates?

Ready to save money with HVAC rebates? Call our team here at McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning. We are experts in Austin HVAC rebates. No company in the Austin area is as proficient with rebates as we are. We have saved Austin customers millions of dollars with rebates. There’s no question that if you want a hands-off, foolproof method of saving with HVAC rebates, McCullough is the way to go. Contact us today to get started at (512) 866-9821 !

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