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Carrier® Air Purifier Effective to Kill Coronavirus

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We’ve got big news for Austin homeowners. An independent research lab has shown that the Carrier® Infinity Air Purifier is effective in eliminating the coronavirus within the air. That’s on top of the air purifier’s effectiveness against 3 other pathogens: human influenza, common cold surrogate, and streptococcus pyogenes. Installing a Carrier Air Purifier in your home can improve the air quality of your home, making it healthier for everyone in your family.

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How Do Air Purifiers Work?

You may be familiar with a room air purifier that plugs into the wall. Those small appliances will only clean the air within a few feet of the device itself and require regular maintenance to be effective.

If you want truly clean air in your Austin home, we recommend a whole-home air purification system. The way it works is by installing an air purifier within the ductwork. Then, as air cycles through your home, every molecule will pass through the air purifying system.

As air molecules float around your home, they pick up all sorts of gunk: dust, pollen, animal dander, smoke, and bacteria.  As air flows through your ductwork, the air purifier traps and holds on to these pollutants. That’s followed by a quick electrical charge to burst the cell walls of any pathogens.

This is a patented Captures & Kills™ technology that is only available in Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier.  The Carrier Air Purifier is effective at killing many pathogens that float in the air, including coronavirus (the virus that causes COVID-19 infection).

Benefits of Whole Home Air Purifiers in Austin, TX

2020 has been a different year, to say the least. We know many homeowners in the Austin metro area are seeking to improve their indoor air quality with the very best air filters or air purifiers. If the coronavirus bug makes its way into your home, having a device installed that can effectively kill it can be a lifesaver – literally. But there are other benefits to cleaner air, including:

  • Reduce allergic reactions or asthma attacks. You may be so used to the itchy eyes and scratchy throat that you don’t even notice it anymore. So many people tell us about the significant improvements in their quality of life after having an air purifier installed. That’s because air purifiers capture and kill the microscopic pollutants invisible to the eye, but causing many problems.
  • Eliminate stinky odors. Did you know that burning candles and plug-in wall scents are just adding more pollutants to your air? From a science standpoint, you’re trying to overwhelm the number of stinky-smelling molecules with nice-smelling molecules. Now you have double the smells! Put an end to the battle with an air purifier- where the smelly odors will be captured and eliminated.
  • Improved focus. More and more Austin homeowners are working from home, and many of us are schooling children from home, too. Stale, recycled air can be detrimental to your productivity. It’s why commercial buildings like schools and offices require plenty of fresh outside air and filtration. Most households do not have ventilation systems, and it would be an expensive addition to your HVAC system. A whole-home air purifier like the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is an acceptable and affordable solution.

Read more about the science behind indoor air quality here.

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