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McCullough specializes in obtaining all available Austin HVAC rebates for our customers

Austin HVAC rebates are an excellent way for you to save on home comfort, but we have found that many HVAC contractors won’t even deal with them!

Why? Rebates require a lot of work, permits, and regulations from the city of Austin, equipment manufacturers, and other local entities that most contractors are just not equipped or qualified for. That means homeowners have to put in all the heavy lifting to make a smart and informed purchase. And we think you have enough on your plate!

At McCullough, our technicians are aware of the HVAC rebates available in the greater Austin area, including Cedar Park, Georgetown and others. In fact, we have structured our internal team to include every aspect of handling the rebate process for you, including filling out the rebate claim paperwork! You don’t have to be a legacy customer or know some secret handshake to get our assistance with rebates. As the service provider, we believe that it’s our responsibility to jump through hoops, not the customer’s. Our team is proactive at every step of the process, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s for you. 

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We Are Austin’s Weatherization Rebate Experts

HVAC rebates are especially valuable, since they incentivize smart, energy-efficient purchases. As energy experts, we take extreme pride in reducing Austin’s carbon consumption. Energy providers around the country strain to support our growing population. To maximize our limited resources, energy companies will give rebates for purchases of energy saving products and services. Qualifying products and services are usually high-efficiency systems and weatherization services that help homes retain the conditioned air that their HVAC systems produce.

Our team at McCullough is well versed on which of our products and services qualify for rebate offers. We’re one of Austin Energy’s select service providers for their weatherization rebate program. And, we keep up-to-date on the latest local, seasonal, and manufacturer rebate offers. By going the extra mile, we can provide the best all around HVAC service for our Austin neighbors. 

What are the top HVAC rebates in Austin?

HVAC rebates are a fairly lengthy process in the HVAC industry. The terms and submission process frequently change and the permitting process in the city of Austin is particularly complex. This led many HVAC providers to drop rebates altogether. At McCullough, we see it is a part of our job to understand and execute this process for every single one of our customers. 

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Seasonal & Manufacturer HVAC Rebates

HVAC manufacturers will offer seasonal rebates on certain models to encourage homeowners to purchase an efficient system. These rebates typically are offered in the spring and fall seasons, which can be the best time to buy a new HVAC system! We fully support customers for making informed, eco-conscious decisions. That’s why we fill out and submit every manufacturer and seasonal rebate with pride.

Customers can also use rebates on new HVAC technology like Mitsubishi’s hyper-efficient ductless HVAC systems. These manufacturer rebates can add up to thousands of dollars in savings for customers. 

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The Home Weatherization Program Through Austin Energy

This rebate applies to Austin Energy customers with a home over 10 years old. If you fit within this initial criteria, you could qualify for an incentive program to save on energy efficient upgrades within your home – ductwork repair, sealing, and replacement, solar shade installation, and attic insulation. Austin Energy has partnered with Austin’s top HVAC providers (one being McCullough) to offer an energy efficiency rebate on qualifying weatherization upgrades.

If you qualify, the first step will be a free home energy audit conducted by one of our energy experts. The results of the audit will tell us which upgrades will be needed to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. This program provides immediate assistance and years of savings through reduced energy bills

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